Winter Snow Activities to Enjoy in Manali


A hill station like Manali is where you can go any time of the year, irrespective of the season. Most people often take to hill stations to beat the heat of the summers but for those who are looking for thrill and adrenaline- pulsing adventure, winters are the best time to pack your bags and head to Manali. You not only get to enjoy the snow but can also enjoy a whole host of things that can be done in winters at Manali.


  • Ski away on those velvety snowy mountains

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Milky white slopes dotted with trees that lend an adventurous touch is sure to entice you to pick up your ski and go vrooming down  Solang Valley, Marhi, Gulaba, Rohtang, and Dhundi which are some of the best skiing spots in Manali and see a lot of footfall during the winters. Amateurs get accompanied by skiing professionals while the pros zigzag past them showing their skiing finesse on these amazing slopes. It is an exhilarating experience going down those slopes while you breathe in the fresh air. Make sure you ask someone to make a boomerang video of yours for your social media feed. You can also take part in some cross country skiing and skiing competitions that take place in Kullu Manali in winters.


  • Make snowballs and snowmen

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Oh yes, this is most definitely an activity that you must do if you are in Manali and there is fresh snow. A snowball fight is not something you get to do every day with your friends and family. Take inspiration from the popular movie Frozen and create your own version of Olaf, complete with a carrot nose and twigs jutting out for hands. But don’t get done just yet. You also need to lie down in the snow and move your hands and feet like a butterfly to create a beautiful angel in the snow. Once you are done, click some beautiful pics of your artwork!


  • Ice-skating at Rohtang Pass

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Ice-skating is almost like roller skating, giving you the same amount of fun and frolic. In fact, it is better than doing skating in a rink, for here you get to skate under the sky, surrounded by snow-covered mountains and icy air that seems to freeze your nose off. Make sure you have sharpened the blades of your skates and you drag your partner along with you for you would want to share this experience.


  • Snowboarding shenanigans

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If you are the daredevil sorts, this activity is right up your alley when you are in Manali. Snowboarding is akin to skiing, the difference being in the fact that here you use a single snowboard and can do it freestyle. If you are lucky and have someone with you to click your pictures, it would seem like you are almost surfing on snow when it goes flying. The best place to do snowboarding is at Rohtang Pass where you would also find professional snowboarders to guide and help you.


  • Have you done Heli-skiing yet?

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There are some skiing areas in Manali that are isolated icy terrains, used only by professionals for skiing. These skiing areas are accessible only through helicopters that drop you onto the snowy slopes. Best spots for doing this are Deo Tibba, Hanuman Tibba, Rohtang Pass, and Chanderkhani Pass but don’t just go there alone if you are not that proficient in the sport. It would be advisable to take a professional along with you.


  • Sledge away

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Sledge away ala Santa Claus style in Manali albeit without some reindeers to pull you along. This sledging activity will have you plopping yourself on a wooden sledge while you go zipping down the icy slopes. Rohtang pass and Solang valley offer some good trimmed down trails that can be tried even by amateurs. While sledging away do not miss the scenic beauty that you will pass while you scream away in delight.


  • Manali Winter Carnival

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As the name suggests, the Manali winter carnival takes place in the month of February which is also the time when you can witness the best snowfall in Manali. An extravaganza of sports activities and Himalayan culture, this is an event that you must attend once. If you need more motivation, let me tell, you that you can sample some amazing food here while enjoying the beauty contest to crown the Winter Queen.

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