The Most Important Fly Fishing Equipment For Beginners

Fly Fishing

Are you interested in the great sport of fly fishing? If so, it’s easier to get started than you might think!  You can buy all your fly fishing equipment online, or at a local outdoors shop, and there are only a few basic pieces of equipment you need to go angling.

Consider these the must-haves for your first trip. Everything else can come later if you get hooked on fly fishing.

Nine Essential Pieces Of Equipment For New Fly Fishers

1 – The fly rod

Obviously, you need a rod! The most important thing to know is that the weight rating of the rod should match the weight of the fish you’re looking to catch. So, if you’re looking to catch largemouth bass, which are typically in the 5–6-pound range for big ones, you’ll want a rod rated for at least 6 or 7 pounds.

2 – The fly reel

Some rods come paired with a reel, but if not, you need to pick up a reel that matches the rod. This is simple: just match their rated weight. Don’t worry about getting fancy with your reel for your first fly fishing trip.

3 – The fly line

As with the reel, you want to get line that matches the overall weight rating of your rod.However, there are a few other factors to consider. “Taper” describes the overall shape of the line.  Use a weight-forward taper for your first lines, because they’re easier for newcomers to cast.

4 – The leader

The leader is a small extremely thin piece of line that connects the fly to the rest of the line. The point of the leader is that it’s essentially invisible in the water, so that fish don’t spot the line while going to nibble on the fly. Again, match for weight.

5 – The tippet

The tippet is what attaches the leader to the rest of the line.  It’s another extremely thin, nearly invisible, piece of line that is usually around 2-4 feet. Once again, match for weight.

6 – Flies

The flies are what the fish actually bite into. There are many different flies since each will attract different types of fish. Typically, online fly fishing equipment shops group their flies by fish type, so you can just pick whatever matches your intended catch.  If in doubt, the Dahlberg Diver, Woolly Bugger, or Clouser Deep Minnow are good “all arounders.”

7 – Line Nippers

Nippers are small snippers that are used to cut lines cleanly. Better versions also include a needle which makes it easier to clean out the hook eyes.

8 – Hemostats

Hemostats are similar to the forceps used in surgery and give you an easy way to grab and hold onto small items – such as when removing flies from hooked fish. They can also be used as crimpers, or to hold the fly while you tie it onto the line.

9 – Rubberized Net

Are you planning to catch-and-release? A rubberized landing net allows you to safely hold the fish while it’s waiting for release, without disrupting the fish’s natural slime coating.

That’s it!  All it takes is a quick trip to an online fly fishing equipment shop, and you’ll be ready to go.

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