Handicap Friendly Accommodations In Paris For Your Holiday Abroad

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If you are confined to a wheelchair and wish to visit Paris, you do not have to just dream about the trip. There are handicap friendly accommodation in Paris to help you enjoy your trip with friends or family. These accommodations have professional and caring staff to take care of your needs without hassles at all.

Handicap Friendly Accommodations In Paris- Tips for you to travel in a wheelchair

When you visit Paris, you will find that the hosts of handicap friendly accommodations in Paris will guide you when it comes to local tours and sightseeing. The professionals say that if you check out Paris and compare it to the other European cities, you will find that it is really very challenging for you to get around as there are several old buildings in the area. If you really wish to get an aerial view of Paris, you should choose the Eiffel Tower over the Arc de Triomphe. The latter has no elevator to reach the tunnel.

Use the buses for affordable travel

The experts also say that if you are looking for an affordable way to tour and look around Paris, you should use the buses. This means you do not need to spend a lot of money on availing taxis that are handicap accessible. You can get a map of the bus lines of the city and keep it with you. This means as you travel around you can save money and spend it on treating yourself like restaurants and shops.

It is important for you to schedule your tour when you are in Paris. You can choose a bus that will take you to the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Saint Chapelle Church that is located nearby. If you have plans to visit the Louvre Museum you will find that in the peak tourist seasons there are huge lines. Wheelchair occupants however can use the elevator that takes you to the lobby of the museum.

Take boat rides at Seine

Another attraction of Paris is the boat ride at Seine. This is obviously one of the best ways via which you can see Paris. If you have plans to visit Sainte Chapelle it is prudent for you to use the alternate entrance. The Chapel is known for its magnificent stained glasses that are located in the upper window.

While traveling, it is important for you to know some French phrases for accessibility. Ensure that you learn them before your trip to Paris in case you do not have anyone accompanying you who knows French.

When you are looking for handicap friendly accommodations in Paris, it is important for you to keep the above tips in mind. Your host will also give you tips when it comes to food and traveling around. Thanks to these compassionate and friendly experts, you can now travel to any part of Paris without hassles at all. So, if you have not seen Paris, book your trip today and explore this beautiful city with joy!a

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