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Why You Must Have a Linen Service in Your Hotel

Hotel owners and managers have several important jobs to ensure their business operates to a high standard, and making sure their hotel is stocked with clean, fresh linen is just one of them. When guests arrive at your hotel, they don’t expect to see grubby sheets or discoloured towels in their rooms, they should be greeted by spotlessly clean linen everywhere they look.

First Impressions

Image is everything when it comes to running a hotel, and one dissatisfied customer can have a huge impact on your business. A negative review online has the potential to reach thousands of customers, if one displeased occupant writes a scathing review on a website, it could stop a lot of people from choosing your hotel. Your hotel must have an image which is synonymous with cleanliness, a business which prides itself on high-quality, fresh linen. Even one small stain on a bed sheets can have a negative effect on your company, to avoid bad reviews, make sure you pay close attention to your hotel linen.

Specialised Knowledge

Using an expert linen service for your hotel guarantees that your business is stocked with clean, immaculate linen throughout the year. Running a hotel is very challenging, there are numerous aspects to consider and it takes time to organise an efficient business. It makes sense to outsource certain aspects of your hotel services to lightening your workload, it also allows you to focus on more important areas such as customer service. If your hotel is based in the North East of England, and you require a laundry service and delivery in Newcastle or other cities in the region, it is imperative that you hire a professional linen company to take care of all your needs.


Running a hotel can be expensive, and having your own in-house laundry service which takes care of all your linen only adds to your bill. Professional linen services invest in top of the range equipment such as.

  • Heavy duty washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Pressing equipment
  • Steam boilers
  • Steamers

All the equipment named above is costly, it also needs skilled employees who know how to operate each device to ensure the linen doesn’t get damaged and comes out looking as good as new. It is more sensible to outsource your laundry department to a company who can handle the workload. You won’t have to worry about hiring experienced staff, maintaining equipment or paying for replacements.

Quality Assurance

Top class linen services have been operating in the industry for numerous years, they have a system in place which ensures linen gets cleaned, pressed and dried to a high standard. This means you are guaranteed hotel linen free from stains, marks and other unsightly pigments.

Running a hotel can be an arduous task which demands a lot of work and attention to detail. Even something as small as a stained bed cover can have adverse effects on your business, that’s why it is important to outsource certain tasks and rely on a professional to give you a helping hand.

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5 Undeniably Delicious Street Foods You Must Try in Havana

It’s possible to become a bit of an elitist when you travel. It’s not that you will look down on the residents of the country you’re visiting, but more that you might come to have negative opinions about the choices that some of your fellow tourists will make. To eat in a foreign country can be an utter revelation, and even a trip to the supermarket becomes a cultural experience of the highest order. Restaurants and eateries can almost be overwhelming, and this is when you will want to share plates with your companions. There can be some frustration at not being able to try everything that’s on the menu, but of course there are only so many hours in the day (so a three hour lunch might not be feasible). And let’s not forget that the human stomach only has a certain capacity (and so you might not want to spend the afternoon wonderfully full of food, and yet unable or unwilling to do anything but lay on your back in a cool, darkened room). And so why would some of your fellow travellers limit themselves to chain fast food restaurants that they can easily find at home? The very thought of it! Havana is a city where the culinary scene is racing ahead, in a stark contrast to its drab past. Street food is where it’s at in Havana, particularly if you’re only after a quick bite to eat. And in Havana, there are some things it would be unthinkable not to sample at least once!

  1. Salty and Sweet: Chicharritas de Platano

Sometimes you might have a hunger that can only be satisfied with chips… or fries, if you prefer the American way of saying it. It’s not as though these deep fried strips of potato deliciousness are a rarity on the streets of Havana, but you should try a wonderful Cuban variation. Chicharritas de platano are slices of plantains (prepared when the fruit is not fully ripe, so that it can be sliced thinly). The slices are then deep fried and salted, resulting in a delicacy that is both salty and sweet, but utterly delicious. It can be enjoyed as is, or even with ketchup like its potato counterpart.

  1. Utterly Sublime: A Glass of Guarapo

You can keep your cola, or your iced skinny caramel soy latte. When the heat hits the streets of Havana (and it will), there is only one beverage you need to refresh you. OK, so maybe there are several, but we’re not counting alcoholic beverages here. Guarapo is nothing but freshly pressed sugarcane juice. It might sound like nothing more than sugary water, but this is not the case, and the delicacy of taste is sublime. The consistency of the juice will vary depending on the sweetness of the sugar cane, and it can sometimes be necessary to add a squirt of lime juice. This drink is widely available from Havana’s street food vendors.

  1. Your New Best-Loved Smoothie: Batidos de Guayaba

If you’re not one for a hearty breakfast each morning, then there is one thing that you need to get your day in Havana started on the right note. Batidos de Guayaba is fresh guava, combined with milk and sugar and then blitzed in a food processor. It’s essentially a smoothie, and one that should be enjoyed as soon as it’s poured into a glass and presented to you, before the guava begins to separate from the milk. It’s perfect for breakfast, or with breakfast… or with lunch, or basically anytime you want it.

  1. Not Quite a Pie: Pie de Coco

This is not a traditional pie in the sense of having a discernable filling. Pie de Coco is ravishingly sweet shredded coconut (masses of the stuff) that is then baked into a pastry. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a cup of ultra strong Cuban coffee, which you will quickly develop a fondness for, despite the soaring temperatures. This is a traditional street food staple in Havana (and indeed, across much of Cuba), and you should also try to find time to visit Baracoa, the heart of Cuba’s coconut production where this delicious fruit is put to some fiendishly inventive culinary uses.

  1. Gosh, That’s Good Goat: Fricassee de Carnero

Beef is not unheard of in Havana, but pork and chicken are more likely to be commonly found on menus. But don’t forget the charms of the goat, which often has a richer, more substantial taste than beef. Fricassee de Carnero is stewed goat meat, generally served with rice, black beans and a small side salad. It’s basic, hearty, and incredibly tasty. It’s something that many Cuban restaurants will offer, as you will discover on a full day tour by Locally Sourced Havana Tours, but many street food vendors will also sell it to go, on a paper plate with a plastic fork. It’s not really something that can easily be eaten on the go, so find a shady spot to sit down and enjoy it.

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Wie Man Ein Tolles Hotel Online Auswählt

Ob für Urlaub oder Geschäft, ein gutes Hotel zu finden und auszuwählen, kann den Unterschied ausmachen. Obwohl manche Menschen der Meinung sind, dass ein Hotel genau der Ort ist, an dem Sie schlafen, ist es auch der Ort, an dem Sie sich entspannen und für die Dauer Ihres Aufenthalts zu Hause anrufen. Es ist wichtig, ein schönes und sauberes Hotel zu wählen, damit Ihre Erfahrung noch großartiger wird. Was sollten Sie also bei der Online-Suche nach Hotels beachten?

Als erstes ist zu beachten, was für Sie am wichtigsten ist. Was sind Ihre Prioritäten? Dinge, die zu berücksichtigen sind, ist Ihr Budget. Bei der Betrachtung Luxushotel Vorarlberg die Lage ein weiterer wichtiger Faktor. Befindet sich das Hotel in der Nähe des Ortes, an dem Sie arbeiten werden? Wenn es ein Urlaubsbesuch ist, ist es in der Nähe von Orten, die Sie besuchen möchten? Die Lage bei der Auswahl eines Hotels ist sehr wichtig. Wenn das Hotel nicht in der Nähe Ihres geplanten Ziels liegt, befindet es sich in der Nähe eines Transportmittels? Wenn es sich in der Nähe einer U-Bahn-Station oder eines anderen öffentlichen Verkehrsmittels befindet, mit dem Sie zu Orten gelangen können, die Sie vielleicht besuchen möchten. Was gibt es sonst noch in der Umgebung des Hotels zu sehen? Gibt es Einkaufsmöglichkeiten, Restaurants oder andere Geschäfte in der Nähe? Dies sind alles Dinge, die Sie beachten sollten, wenn Sie überlegen, welches Hotel Sie bevorzugen.

Wenn es um Luxushotels geht, kommen viele mit Themen oder unterschiedlichen Layouts. Wenn Sie Zeit damit verbringen, nach diesen Optionen zu suchen und sie abzuwägen, können Sie die bestmögliche Erfahrung erzielen. Zum Beispiel für Jahrestage oder Flitterwochen bieten viele Luxushotels unterschiedliche Optionen. Diese Vorkehrungen können im Voraus getroffen werden und sorgen für zusätzliche Atmosphäre. Wenn Sie sich die Bewertungen online ansehen, erhalten Sie auch einen zusätzlichen Kontext zu einigen dieser zusätzlichen Pakete, die im Lieferumfang enthalten sind. Einige Hotels arbeiten mit einigen lokalen Attraktionen und Unternehmen zusammen und können Ihnen auch dabei helfen, Aktivitäten zu ermäßigten Preisen für Sie zu planen.

Natürlich ist eines der bekanntesten Dinge, die bei der Buchung von Hotels zu beachten sind, die Ausstattung. Zum Beispiel kann das Parken in Städten ein großer Bonus sein, der in Hotels nicht immer enthalten ist. Andere solche Dinge sind Kabel-Pakete und Wi-Fi. Während diese häufig kostenlos im Hotelzimmerpreis enthalten sind, ist dies nicht immer der Fall. Einige Hotels bieten auch Frühstück oder Abendessen an. In einigen Luxushotels sind die Küchen- und Speisemöglichkeiten sehr umfangreich und eine gute Option für Geschäftstreffen, Abendessen oder einfach nur zum Essen. Die Hotelpakete können sehr unterschiedlich sein, und es ist wichtig, immer zu klären, was enthalten ist und was nicht.

Wenn Sie sich ein Hotel ansehen, ist es wichtig, dass Sie dessen Website anzeigen. Auf diese Weise erhalten Sie eines der klarsten verfügbaren Bilder und können gleichzeitig verschiedene Räume und Pakete vergleichen und gegenüberstellen. Schauen Sie sich auch die Bewertungen des Hotels und seiner spezifischen Pakete an. Je besser Sie informiert sind, desto besser. Nehmen Sie auch niemals an, dass etwas enthalten ist, was nicht angegeben ist. Es ist immer besser, zu fragen, als anzunehmen, wenn Sie ein Zimmer buchen möchten.