Why You Must Have a Linen Service in Your Hotel

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Hotel owners and managers have several important jobs to ensure their business operates to a high standard, and making sure their hotel is stocked with clean, fresh linen is just one of them. When guests arrive at your hotel, they don’t expect to see grubby sheets or discoloured towels in their rooms, they should be greeted by spotlessly clean linen everywhere they look.

First Impressions

Image is everything when it comes to running a hotel, and one dissatisfied customer can have a huge impact on your business. A negative review online has the potential to reach thousands of customers, if one displeased occupant writes a scathing review on a website, it could stop a lot of people from choosing your hotel. Your hotel must have an image which is synonymous with cleanliness, a business which prides itself on high-quality, fresh linen. Even one small stain on a bed sheets can have a negative effect on your company, to avoid bad reviews, make sure you pay close attention to your hotel linen.

Specialised Knowledge

Using an expert linen service for your hotel guarantees that your business is stocked with clean, immaculate linen throughout the year. Running a hotel is very challenging, there are numerous aspects to consider and it takes time to organise an efficient business. It makes sense to outsource certain aspects of your hotel services to lightening your workload, it also allows you to focus on more important areas such as customer service. If your hotel is based in the North East of England, and you require a laundry service and delivery in Newcastle or other cities in the region, it is imperative that you hire a professional linen company to take care of all your needs.


Running a hotel can be expensive, and having your own in-house laundry service which takes care of all your linen only adds to your bill. Professional linen services invest in top of the range equipment such as.

  • Heavy duty washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Pressing equipment
  • Steam boilers
  • Steamers

All the equipment named above is costly, it also needs skilled employees who know how to operate each device to ensure the linen doesn’t get damaged and comes out looking as good as new. It is more sensible to outsource your laundry department to a company who can handle the workload. You won’t have to worry about hiring experienced staff, maintaining equipment or paying for replacements.

Quality Assurance

Top class linen services have been operating in the industry for numerous years, they have a system in place which ensures linen gets cleaned, pressed and dried to a high standard. This means you are guaranteed hotel linen free from stains, marks and other unsightly pigments.

Running a hotel can be an arduous task which demands a lot of work and attention to detail. Even something as small as a stained bed cover can have adverse effects on your business, that’s why it is important to outsource certain tasks and rely on a professional to give you a helping hand.

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