Why you must choose the ?

professional yacht service in Croatia

A serious Croatian Charter company guarantees a perfect maintenance of the ships and sailboats that it manages, a competent crew and skippers and what is more important that the boat or sailboat has its “papers” in order and is authorized for the rental of boats. These precautions can save you many later problems. Always check that you have the Role, Boat Insurance, Occupant Insurance, Certificate of Seaworthiness, Seat Sheet and Charter Permit. It is also advisable to see if it is in any association, nautical station, approval of insurance companies, etc.

Hire an Employer?

The rental of boats and rental of sailboats can be done with Skipper or without crew. Depending on the length of the boat, sailboat, yacht or catamaran, you will find different options in the market. In the latter case, it is necessary that one of the crew have the appropriate degree and in addition to the necessary experience. Do not hesitate to hire a skipper if you are not 100% sure as a sinister at sea is one of the most compromised and undesirable situations in your vacations. Motor yachts of more than 10/12 meters in length are usually rented with crew and the rental cost is much higher, to which you must add the fuel bill.

Best practices and special care

The toilet is an important element on board, you will follow the instructions on its use to the letter and will not hesitate to call the employer if you do not “empty” it, as a general rule, you will never force the mechanism or throw anything that has not previously passed through stomach.

Controlling water consumption

A boat is scarce and highly prized. We must be measured in the consumption of fresh water, it is preferable to consume it in moderation, having to enter the port to refuel, a simple shower without turning off the tap, believing that you are in your house will end up with the tanks and in the sea there is a lot water but it’s salty, your employer will teach you how to save water.

If you have to enter the port to refuel, it is usually the usual water service that has a very low cost and you can be at noon for a few hours to refuel and make purchases, take a shower, etc. You will always use mineral water to drink and cook, leaving the deposit for personal hygiene and scrubbing.

Conclusion: safety

The anchor is not enough to “hold” your boat. The chain is essential and if you have 50 meters of chain on your boat or sailboat, why anchors in the cove with 15 meters of chain? Use the whole chain that circumstances allow, this chain will avoid unnecessary annoyances.

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