What Winter in Nashville is Really Like

Winter in Nashville

Winter is a rough season that can separate people based on what they can handle, but there’s no need to fear this season in Nashville!  If you’re considering a move here and aren’t sure about the winter or if you can handle it, there’s no need to fear!

This amazing city is still incredible through the winter, so it’s absolutely worth a visit!  This is what winter in Nashville is really like.

No Snow: Lots of Rain

Although it doesn’t snow here, Winter is the rainiest season in Nashville.  This means you’ll still need good boots, so you don’t have to worry about slipping and sliding in the mud.  Go for a brand that offers waterproof, is comfortable, and still suits your style.  A lot of people try to get away with the cowboy hat and boot look in the winter here since it’s a country music capital, but that’s a quick way to slip and ruin both items of clothing.

Property Becomes More Affordable

Winter is the best time to go looking for Nashville houses for sale!  In the winter, property values drop, demand falls, and fewer people move here.  This means you can scoop up a rental or even buy a property for far cheaper than you’d find it in the warmer months.  Don’t be afraid to fly in during the winter to look around!

Temps Stay Around the 50s

Winter is scary throughout most of the country, but in Nashville, you don’t have much to fear!  Although winters are colder than the rest of the year, they don’t drop below the 50s often and are generally comfortable.  It does rain and turns brown as all the plant life hibernates through the winter, but this just makes the spring that much more beautiful when it pushes through.

There’s Still Lots to Do

There are countless things to do in Nashville in the winter!  The best thing to do is go to the local museums, live music shows, and numerous other indoor events that are offered.  Of course, you can still hike as long as you bundle up, but you shouldn’t have to try too hard to find something to do.

The bars and restaurants stay open year-round, unlike some tourism-heavy cities, so you can still get warmed up over a great meal any time of year.

The City Feels Emptier

Although the off-season has tons of perks, it’s also a lot quieter.  Fewer tourists come to town this time of year, and many even leave the city to go snowboarding or sunning somewhere else.

Although it doesn’t get terribly cold, it does get emptier.  Make sure if you’re spending a winter here that, you take the time to make a friend group and socialize with others.  This will keep your mental health in good shape and make sure you thrive through the worst season.

Nashville is a Rockin’ City

Nashville is home to countless stars and incredible attractions, and you’ll never run out of things to do and see as long as you’re home.  Consider checking out this city and moving here if you have the chance!

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