Unique Wall Décor Ideas for a Livelier Living Room

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The living room is always the centerpiece of a house. It is where the entire family gathers to spend time together. The living room can be used for hosting guests and relatives, as well as for get-togethers and other casual occasions.

There are many ways to liven up your living room. Using simple furniture and leaving plenty of space near the walls are great for making the room look bigger than it really is. Adding wall décor helps spice things up, and we have the best ideas to try in this article.

Multiple Art Pieces

Adding art to the living room wall is a great way to add interesting touches to the room. Depending on the size of the wall, you can choose a painting that covers enough wall surface but not one that is too big that it ends up making the room appears cluttered.

Another thing you can try is adding multiple art pieces to one wall. Smaller pieces work really well when mixed together. You can also pick up a painting or a poster that expands across multiple pieces. All you have to do next is find enough space to hang the pieces together.

There is something about leaving enough whitespace between pieces that helps to add warmth to the living room. The selection of colors that appear in the art pieces matters too. Stick with complimentary colors and make sure the pieces you add blend nicely with the rest of the room for a more streamlined feel.


Another idea you can try is adding antique ornaments to the wall. Similar to art pieces, there are a lot of ornaments that will go brilliantly with your living room. You can, for example, pick up an antique clock to add touches of bronze and wood to make the entire room warmer.

Antique pieces don’t just work great when hung on the wall. They can also be added to the top of the fireplace or your living room table. Don’t forget to stick with smaller pieces and avoid overcomplicating the room to maintain that cozy and warm ambiance.

Hunting Trophies

If you love going on a hunting trip, adding some of the trophies you have collected over the years is an idea worth exploring. Again, you want to stick to smaller pieces and complementary elements to make the living room just right.

The next time you go on a musk ox hunting trip in Greenland, you can bring home the tusk and place it as an ornament above your fireplace. There are even ornaments made out of fur and teeth that you can also add to the living room for some added warmth.

Art Deco Pieces

If you own a modern property with a clean and simple interior, you might want to consider art deco pieces for the living room. With simple design elements and limited colors, it is easy to set up the mood in the living room with the available pieces.

All of these ideas are worth exploring. You can take the existing design of the living room and find the best ornaments to add for a livelier, warmer space.

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