Top Family Vacation Spots: No Passport Needed

Family Vacation Spots

Long flights and exorbitant fees can make traveling overseas an expensive excursion for a family. Road trips across the United States are gaining in popularity and can offer families substantial savings for those on a budget. In addition to the savings, you’ll also experience a family bonding experiencing and special memories when you travel by car, plane, train or bus. The following are the top family vacation hot spots where no passport is needed.


A trip to Pennsylvania can offer a host of possibilities for the family. Here you’ll find major monuments, historical districts, and the government in its prime. The area also boasts an assortment of fun and exciting family activities. To ensure a happy experience, you can include the entire family in the planning process and allow them to select something that they would like to see. Some of the top attractions include Independence Hall, Liberty Bell, Hershey’s Chocolate World, Philadelphia Museum of Art and much more.

With over 200 wineries, adults may want to leave the children at the hotel for the night to check out popular evening wine tastings usingThe Pennsylvania Winery Association’s latest phone app. Attorney Steven Kellis recommends taking public transportation to avoid getting caught up in a DUI. Plot your stays based on nearby wine events and festivals.

Anaheim, CA

Anaheim, CA is the ideal family vacation with world-class attractions, trendy boutiques, family-friendly eateries and playful beaches. The area is also fortunate to have some incredible yearly festivals that bring culture and diversity to the community. You can also find educational venues such as museums, performing arts shows and concerts.

The nighttime activities are as diverse as those you’ll find during the day. However, if you imbibe in any alcohol related activity, you want to make sure you don’t drink and drive. There are alternative methods of transportation such as a designated driver, public transportation or cab service.

New York City

Known for its monuments, zoos and popular landmarks, New York City is a family friendly destination for your next vacation. You can take your children to visit some famous sites such as FAO Schwarz and navigate through the hustle, bustle and excitement of Time Square.

The Statue of Liberty is a historical site that’s just a boat ride away. Your family will also love making the excursion up to the top of the Empire State Building for a breathtaking view of the city. New York City also has a host of family oriented eateries and restaurants ideal for families. You can even have a picnic at famous Central Park.

The city enjoys a constant flow of traffic, so if you’ve overindulged during happy hour, you have a number of transportation options to get you back to your accommodations safely.

Orlando, Florida

One of the hottest destinations for a family vacation is Orlando, Florida. Here you’ll find amusement parks, fun shows, Sea World, Disney World and Universal Studios. Orlando is also a great getaway for families who love the beach. Whether you like to surf, sail, swim or relax with a book, you’ll find Orlando’s beaches to be the perfect setting for your next family vacation.

When you’re looking to plan your next getaway, you don’t need to look overseas for adventure and excitement. You’ll find a wide variety of fun and exciting destinations when you plan a trip across the United States.

Giovanna O’Neal understands how a DUI can be for a family, especially when vacationing. The impact of the financial and emotional toll was scarring after her loved one was charged with a DUI. She used information found on the website of attorney Steven Kellis to learn more about DUI defenses when a person is charged with this offense.

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