Three Must-Visit Places in the Philippines

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As hard as travel can get, it just gets soother as you head for unknown destinations for great backpacking adventures. Backpacking then becomes passion and gives you the confidence to take in whatever the journey offers with great enthusiasm. Adventure tours in the Philippines is great and also many Southeast Asian nations too. It’s noticeable that many backpackers often ignore Philippines on their backpacking list and head for other places instead. This is shame as the country offers so much when it comes to avid backpacking destinations and considered backpackers’ heaven due to plenty of islands, mountains and also beaches that provide the ultimate getaways for travelers.

Three very good places to visit while backpacking in the Philippines:

El Nido, Palawan

This surely is a must-visit place as the beauty of Bacuit Bay Islands and El Nido is mesmerizing for any backpacker that breathes the magical air of this place. Though pictures describe the beauty in its entirety, you should make it a point to definitely visit this heavenly site.

Boracay, Aklan

Known as the best beach in the world through many international award-giving bodies, the beach is just perfect and stands true to being nominated and winning the prestigious tag too. Boracay is just magnificent with waters that are crystal clear, soft white powdery sands that could make anyone poetic for the moment. Boracay as a destination is popular for Kitesurfing and Yoga Holidays.

Banaue, Mountain Province

Here you would bump into the well-known Rice Terraces. It receives the accolades as the world’s Eighth Wonder both by the residing locals there and also foreigners who just don’t seem to get enough of the beauty surrounding this place. It’s supposed to be the largest rice terraces in Southeastern parts of Asia.

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