The Nigerian Culture in A Vital Stage

The Nigerian Culture in A Vital Stage

Whether it is a developing country or under development… lies Nigeria. This African country which is located in western Africa is the second largest economy in the continent as well as and the highest producer of gas and oil there. It also has a big number of youngsters under 25 years leaving a 23% of the population to the growing middle class.

The total population of Nigeria is 178,517,000 and they use Naira (NGN) as a money currency.

Did you Know?

Year after year, Nigeria is developing in most domains especially the Gross Domestic Products. The average of (GDP) growth was 6.8%, then it increased to 7.67% and still going up till become 40-60% in a few years. Statand will then become the largest economy In Africa.

Nigeria is not just a country producing gas, but the owner of the ninth largest gas reserves in the world as well as the largest in all of Africa. On the other hand, their domestic and industrial consumption of gas is below 20% because of their poor distribution and storage infrastructure.

To get rid of this excess gas, they burn it, and this is a serious problem whose solution can help the country and upgrade it to a new level.

Additionally, the country has the biggest beneficiary of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Africa which is one of its big strengths.

Number of people booking tickets with Travelstart and other agencies to visit Nigeria, is increasing day by day which is a clear evidence that the country is developing rapidly and attracting tourists and investors.

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