Thanksgiving Vacation Plans In East Delayed Due To Fierce Winter Storm

Winter Storm

A tough winter storm has collectively hit the Deep South this day with raging weather causing a bad weather condition to cancel travel plans. Heavy rain is expected today and tomorrow in the inland igniting hazard for the airports and road traffic, making it difficult for the travelling crowd.

People are planning to travel for Thanksgiving weekend to New England from Deep South on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the blasting weather caused by the Arctic breeze has already killed 10 people in the West and disrupted hundreds of Dallas flights that are settling down now at the East Coast.

People flying for the Thanksgiving will be disappointed because of the rainy, cloudy and windy weather condition that can delay the normal schedules of the flights in the Mid-Atlantic, most probably at three New York City and Philadelphia airports.

The storm from the Texas has moved by Monday itself, but the freezing rain is still chilling the travelers. The American Airlines in Dallas have cancelled almost 1,000 flights.

Alex Sosnowski the AccuWeather meteorologist reported that, Heavy rains are expected to cloud the weather until Wednesday across Carolinas up to the 95 corridor Interstate, through the Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. exclusively.

The East of course has been abnormally without rains or snows in the recent forecast, still Sosnowski said, the rain is estimated to flow enough to terminate traveling flights schedules on the Highways.

National Weather Service announced that, huge fleets of snowfall and hail are expected, in cities like Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Buffalo, over the upstate New York and the Appalachians.
Sosnowski added that the blasting windy weather could also be considered an additional factor for flights delays on coastal regions. And because of this the motorists might find it difficult to visibly see because of the wind driven rain. There is expected massive flooding in the urban areas.

According to the reports from the Storm Prediction Center, severe climatic conditions such as high winds, hail and also at times deep tornadoes, could create calamity in coastal parts of the Carolina and northern areas of Florida making it highly difficult for the travelers to reach their destination for the Thanksgiving excitement.

Late Monday the Weather Department has already posted warning precautions and weather watches in around thirteen states extending from North Georgia up to Northern parts of Vermont extensively.

The fog and the shocking weather changes have disrupted the fantastic vacation plans of thousands of people travelling and it also has caused big losses for the airlines that have cancelled its flights departure blaming on the climatic disaster.

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