Reasons To Visit Pennsylvania Pocono Region This Winter

Pennsylvania Pocono Region

Pennsylvania’s Pocono Region comprises mountains, hiking trails, quaint little towns of historical significance, resorts, and more than a hundred natural lakes! It spreads over four counties. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state and the whole nation!

This single paragraph is not convincing enough.

This is why one should pay attention to the following reasons why one should visit the Pocono Region!

It offers an idyllic change of pace

For most, the force that attracts thousands of Americans to leave everything and flock to this place is the ability of the Pocono Region to offer families a much-needed change of pace!

The Pocono Region, as mentioned earlier, is home to more than 100 lakes (150 to be exact!)

The most popular in the lot is the namesake, Pocono Lake. It looks gorgeous during the autumn season. The reflection of trees with their bizarre-colored leaves on the quaint waters of the Pocono Lake is oh-so-photogenic!

No wonder there are lots of motel in Pocono Lake PA thus making it easy for people to leave their bags and head over to the lake for a swim, some fishing, and whatnot!

The region is popular among skiers

The Pocono region hosts more than 155 ski trails. The trails combined cover more than 636 acres! It is also home to several resorts backed with ski lifts and snow-making equipment.

This is a huge attraction for people who have a knack for speeding down steep slopes!

It is a hotspot for winter sports and related outdoor activities

There are several tourist destinations in the Northeast part of the state but none of them are similar to the Pocono Region!


Well, for starters, the region is always brimming with outdoor activities, irrespective of the season. As mentioned earlier, the Pocono Region is a popular destination during the winter season, especially for snowboarders and skiers.

During the summer season, the region plays host to people who have a knack for outdoor activities like –

  • Canoeing
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Game/sports-fishing

One can also enjoy whitewater rafting and paintball warfare since the region hosts several such facilities as well! Other than these, there are lots of scenic golf courses too! The region, during the autumn season, also plays host to recreational hunters as well as hikers.

Hence, irrespective of the outdoor activities one likes, when they visit the Pocono Region, whether, with their friends or family, they are in for a treat!

Take a walk in the idyllic, picturesque towns of the Pocono region

The Pocono Region is known for its charming and picturesque towns that hide under snow during the winters. The towns are tucked into the mountains which makes them worthy of capturing in your camera!

Be sure to visit towns like Stroudsburg and Jim Thorpe. These two towns are known for their designs that have both American and European influence. In simple terms, visiting the towns of the Pocono Region is like taking a trip back in time where communities still ooze a warm, old-world feel!

It is evident by now that the Pocono Region has a varied landscape that has something or the other to offer anyone who visits here! Thus, if you are looking for an action-packed trip with your friends or family, be sure to head over to Pennsylvania’s Pocono Region this winter!

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