Picking the right carrier for your pet when travelling?

pet transportation

According to a current statistical analysis, about 80% of people in the United States keep pets. And traveling frequently along with the pets becomes a very much common affair. But traveling with pets or transporting them to a new place is not an easy task. The process requires adequate knowledge and equipment to make it smooth for your pet baby.

Along with the proper preparations and precautions, the most important part is to arrange the right pet transport crate or carrier. Your pet’s safe and comfortable journey depends on choosing a carrier that is matched with your pet’s needs. Whenever you go to buy a transport crate for your pet, it will be better if you can ask the advice of your vet or any other animal welfare organization’s professionals as they are experienced enough about certain pet transportation related queries.

Important Information

  • Pet carriers are very much recommended for taking pets whether it be long trips or it may be just a routine vet meet up. Pets feel secured and comfortable in the confined space and also the entire moving process becomes much easier for them.
  • You need to select a carrier according to your required size. The quality and design should be checked before buying. The carrier must be chosen by comparing the safety and stability parameters. It also needs to be an airline-approved carrier in case of using it for air travel.
  • A pet carrier should be extremely handy and lightweight so that it won’t become an extra headache to carry more weight when you need to go for a long journey with your pet.
  • Choose a carrier that is well made to withstand your anxious pet’s strange behavior due to travel stress.

  • The crate must have a good ventilation system. For domestic transport, there should be ventilation panels at least three sides and for international shipping or air transportation, it should have air circulation from four sides with sturdy steel wared covering.
  • The carrier must have multiple exits so that you can remove your pet in case of any emergency.
  • There should be an easily accessible spring lock system on the front door of the carrier and also ensure that the crate door is not openable from inside the crate.
  • The base of the crate must be removable and washable as per requirement. Moreover, make sure that your chosen carrier is leakproof and must be made of absorbent material.
  • There must be enough space for keeping food bowls and litter boxes inside the crate.
  • Apart from handheld crates, you can look for the crates that have multiple types of handling ways like shoulder straps, wearable as backpack or front hold system or kangaroo bags, etc. If you don’t want to carry on your body, then you can go for foldable stroller carriers.

Types of carriers

On the basis of construction methods, there are several types of carriers available in the market. Such as:

Cardboard carriers

These are the basic carriers that are made of normal cardboard boxes. These are mainly used for traveling short trips with pets. But these types of carriers are not durable enough for sharp-clawed crabby cats or freaky pups that are overenthusiastic. Cardboard carriers can get broken easily.

Soft carriers

These kinds of carriers are made of soft nylon fabric material with bottoms that are made of hard material. There are regular gym-bag look-alike carriers. These carriers are designed for a web-like ventilation process in the sidewalls and have both side and top zip openings.

Hard carriers

These are the most recommended carriers that are eligible for any kind of pet transportation. These carriers are made of strong polypropylene and hard plastic materials. Hard carriers are long-lasting with an impressive air circulation system from all the side walls. The front doors are made of stainless steel and the bottoms are also easier to clean. Hard carriers are the best picks to move bigger pets.

Wheeled carriers

These kinds of carriers come with luggage combos and a wheeled tower pet carrier. Their carriers are easily available in the online marketplaces as well as to the other retailers.

Wearable carriers

Wearable carriers are more baby carrier bags or sling gym bags. You can carry only small pets in them and are not at all eligible for long trips.

Last but not the least, after buying any of the carriers, make your pet accustomed to its new gear. So that it would feel comfortable and safe inside it during traveling or transportation.

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