Here’s How To Have a Pocket-Friendly Trip to Khajuraho

Heres How To Have a Pocket Friendly Trip to Khajuraho

The beauty of this country is that it is so vast and so rich in culture that no matter where you plan to go, you are bound to get a sight which will remind you of the great kings and their kingdoms that once ruled over these lands. One such royal dynasty was Chandela who ruled over central India between the 9th and 13th century and the epitome of their royalty can be found in Khajuraho. It is one of the UNESCO world heritage sites and one of the most breathtaking examples of art and architecture. Here’s how you can have a very pocket-friendly trip to this amazing city.

Travel To Khajuraho

There are tons of options when it comes to travel to Khajuraho. It is situated around 200kms from Jhansi which is the biggest nearby city. You can take a plane to Khajuraho but the most pocket-friendly alternative to that is going there by train. Indian Railways operate trains directly to Khajuraho from Delhi, Jhansi and a lot more stations. And one can book tickets very easily through IRCTC train booking online or even via mobile. This makes travelling to the city much easier than any other mode of transportation.

Places To Visit

Khajuraho is best known for its ancient temples and forts. There are a lot of places which one can visit and are completely free to enter. Their imposing structure and beautiful architecture make for some wonderful vacation memories and photographs. The best place to start with is the western group of temples in the complex which contains some of the biggest temples in this country. Lakshmana temple and Devi Jagdamba temple have some of the finest sculptures you can ever come across. After this, one can visit the eastern group of temples which include attractions like Parshavnath Temple and Adinath temple. These temples also have some very elaborate carvings and details present in them.

Explore The Yoga Culture

Apart from visiting temples, one other thing Khajuraho is well known for is its world-class Yoga ashrams. There are a lot of yoga ashrams where one can learn and explore yoga in a traditional ashram setting. The most common form of yoga taught here is called Hatha Yoga which is incidentally also the most difficult kind of yoga practice to do. It is one of a kind experience which you won’t generally find in any other tourist place.

Eat Out On Local Cuisine

Khajuraho gives you ample opportunities to dine on some of the best Madhya Pradesh cuisines which is local to the city. You can very easily try some of the tastiest local delicacies here. This region is known for its desserts, so if you have a sweet tooth, you are in for a treat. There are a lot of local restaurants and eateries around serving local cuisine, which apart from being tasty is also very nominal in price and fits a budget traveller’s itinerary perfectly.

Staying In Khajuraho

Being predominantly a tourist city, Khajuraho offers a variety of options for stay. For the pocket-friendly budget traveller in mind, a multitude of hotels is located on the temple road itself which makes life a breeze. You can stay there in comfortable and clean rooms in nominal prices and when you want to go see the attractions, you can just walk done half a mile and you’ll reach your destination without spending anything on the transport. These hotels also offer quite a view of sunrise and sunset from their rooftops which one should not miss while staying there.

In a nutshell, Khajuraho offers a lot if you want to have a pocket-friendly trip to the city. Just book your train tickets from IRCTC train booking, reach there and start exploring. And you are bound to find a spiritual connection like no other place can offer.

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