Explore Wildlife Of Sri Lanka In It’s Most Beautiful National Parks

Yala West National Park

Any one will agree that Sri Lanka heads the pack in Asia when it comes to wildlife. The heavy rainfall it enjoys and the favourable climate as an island, creates a nice environment for the wildlife. It’s easier to find several families of wildlife in the established parks; Talk of the tropical insects, the leopards, elephants and different species of wildlife you can think of.

Yala West National Park

For lovers of mammals, Yala West (Ruhuna) National park harbours quite a variety; from the Stickney bear, Sri Lanka leopard, to sambar. It comes second in terms of size in Sri Lanka and the most visited. It has two blocks open to the public. Being one of first parks in Sri Lanka, this park was made a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and is well recognized the variety of wildlife. It hosts around 30 leopards as well as birds. Your eyes can never sleep hungry while at Yala west national park.

Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve

This rain forest has rare species of wildlife that will give you a lifetime experience. There are over 147 species of birds found in this park that makes lovers of birds sample out this forest.

Uda Walawe National Park

Find Asian elephants in this park. There are around 500 such elephants in the park.

Wasgomuwa National Rark

Except for leopard and bears which are a bit difficult to find, almost all the big games can be found in this park. This park is located in the North central province, only 40km away from Knuckles Massif.

Horton Plains National Park

This park bares a unique wildlife species which have adopted to the cooler climate around the park. The dwarf lizard is among the unique wildlife found here. Another unique bird species found is the Sri Lankan whistling thrush and Sri Lankan bush warbler.

Willpatu National Park

This is the number one park in size in Sri Lanka. Even though the animals here are a bit uncomfortable with human presence, it’s a park to note. Before being closed for almost fifteen years, leopards were rampant but the statistics were a bit damaged with its closure. We can only hope the statistics will rise again with the re-opening. Lovers of deer can also pop in for a peep of the barking deer.

In a scan, the experience you expect covers; The Sri Lanka’s big mammals like the elephants, leopards, dolphins and whales. Sri Lanka’s birds and so much more

It will be unfair to mention wildlife experience without mentioning traveling. Sri Lanka Visas therefore comes into play. With Isolated cases of disturbances in Aluthgama and Baruwala, which are both close to tourist resorts in the cost, tourists are advised to be careful while there.

From the above, it is obviously evident that a Holiday to Explore Wildlife of Sri Lanka can be an unforgettable experience. If you are a wildlife lover, try sampling the wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Breath Sri Lankan air and you will be part of it. You only need a Sri Lankan Visas accepted with Electronic Travel Authorization and make your rafting dreams come true.

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