Explore South India by travelling on Luxury Train

travelling on Luxury Train

South Indian people are well known for their distinctive culture, food as well as ways of life. One of their main identities is being religious, and they do take immense pride in their heritage, language, culture and glorious past. The natives are known to value their past traditions. When luxury tourism is concerned, this region does have its very own signature experiences which tend to differentiate it from the North Indian states.

Exploring South India by luxury train:

Tourist from all parts of the country and abroad make it a point to make South India a must visit place on their itinerary. Those who are eager to travel in luxury can take one of those luxury trains and get to see the lengths and breadths of the place. They can also enjoy train food delivery and budgeted travels. The ‘Golden Chariot’ is considered to be the only luxury railway of South India, which is inspired by gracious royalty. The very best regional cultural experiences are offered by this exclusive luxury train service.

This train is said to run on two different itinerary routes. The ‘Pride of South India’ tends to cover Karnataka heritage, while the other South Indian states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala is covered within Southern splendour itinerary.

The train’s special experiences can be enjoyed right before the course of travel. The privileged guests of the train are invited to Bengaluru’s Taj West End Star hotel for completing all necessary paper work formalities. The guests also get to enjoy this garden city’s signature experiences at the hotel like hi-tea session, heritage garden walk as well as cultural performances. Prior to boarding the train, passengers can also visit the famous ISKCON temple for deriving Lord Krishna’s blessings.

Then, the guests get escorted to Yashwantpur Railway Station to experience the royal customary welcome. It is here that the Golden Chariot train is said to begin its glorious ride with great South Indian royalty. Boarding this luxury special train is indeed a dream come true for every traveller, as it provides them with a unique experience, something that is not enjoyed anywhere else. On boarding the train, each passenger is guided by the qualified and experienced attendants towards her/his suite.

Suites offered in the train are somewhat different from that of the regular luxury accommodations. Onboard rooms have been inspired by the Mysore and Hoysala palaces, thus offering the passengers with the privilege to experience royalty in its very best. Silken bedspreads, shimmery curtains, intricate woodwork, plush ambiance and soft glow light do speak of great royalty. Everything around is special and provides the traveller with a luxury ambiance.

The very first dinner served aboard the train is another delight. The star chefs prepare delicious hot food within the pantry cars to serve their guests with hot, mouth-watering Indian dishes, made from the best, freshest ingredients available to meet the culinary tastes and pleasures of the guests.

Overall, travelling in the luxury train is a real luxury and royalty that every traveller would be interested to.

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