Excellent Tips for Traveling to China during Christmas

Traveling to China during Christmas

Holiday season is the time when many people plan holidays and vacations with the family. If you are planning to visit international destinations, it is a great time for traveling. However, avid travelers have opined both ways for traveling at this time of the year – some say it is great and highly enlightening; while others opine that it can be a disappointing experience. As a traveler, if you intend to visit China during the holiday season, your experience will be way different than that of the western countries. The approach to Christmas is different in China completely when compared to that of the western countries.

In China, the celebration of Christmas does not take place as a religious holiday, but in the cities and cosmopolitan area, the commercial aspects are present in full form. Now that you have your China travel visa in hand, here are some useful and essential tips which will be of help during your China visit in Christmas time:

  • Prices for domestic travel drop during the time of Christmas

Northern China is exorbitantly cold during December. Also, there are no Chinese holidays at this time of the year to give competition to the Holiday season. As a result, domestic travel is quite cheap at this time of the year in China. International flights to get to China might be expensive, but traveling around China will not be that expensive.

  • Great opportunity to interact with expat communities

Christmas time is excellent for visiting the expat communities in China in the country’s international cities. You might be lucky in being invited to Christmas parties, caroling and even gift exchange programs within the communities. You can feel the warmth of the festivities even while being away from home. Christmas is celebrated in a grand and pompous manner in many expat communities in China.

  • Russian Christmas is celebrated in Northern China and British Christmas in southern China

In cities like Shenyang and Harbin, Christmas celebrations are influenced by Russian means as the area is in close proximity to Russian border. The foods, decorations and expat celebrations are in Russian style in this part of China. However, British style Christmas can be seen in Hong Kong and Macau. This is because these areas were under UK colonial influence. British Boxing Day is celebrated and crackers are burnt with the family.

  • It is public holiday for Christmas in Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan

It is very interesting to note that Christmas holiday in the Chinese mainland looks very different from things which are done in Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan. In these cities, the same schedule is followed as in the western countries of the world. There can be a variation in the public holiday but usually it is observed. City museums, places of attractions and even banks might be on holiday. So know that before planning the trip.

  • Ice festivals and winter sports are quite popular during Christmas season

Many people think that visiting China during Christmas will rob them of the favorite holiday activities. But it is not so. China is internationally renowned for its winter sports and ice festivals. Skiing and ice skating is extremely popular in the northern parts of China. The Harbin Ice Festival is internationally reputed for the architectural wonders and beauty.

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