Eight Tips to Help You Prepare for a Cruise


A cruise holiday can be exciting, especially if you’ve never been on one. After booking your holiday, you may think the only thing left to do is pack and meet the ship on time, but there are many things you should do in preparation for a cruise. Here are eight tips for getting ready to sail the open seas.

Plan Ahead

About a month prior to your cruise, you need to review the reservations to make sure that everything is correct. Check the documents you’ve received from your travel agent to make sure your name is correctly spelled and your birth date is correct. The information should match your identification and passport. If it doesn’t match, contact the cruise line or your travel agent immediately to get it changed.

Make Special Requests

If you or your travelling companion have food allergies or are following a special diet, contact the cruise line to make special requests. This will help ensure that they are aware of your needs and are prepared when you step on board the ship.

Review Ship Information

Get to know the cruise ship on which you’re traveling. Read review sites to discover information about Silversea Cruises, such as what former guests thought about their time on one of the cruises. You may also be able to interact with other people taking a cruise on the same ship as you, via social media.

Set Your Budget

It can be easy to go way over your budget when you don’t factor in souvenirs for friends or family and gratuities for the ship’s staff. Review information about tipping, such as the amount expected, on the cruise line’s website. Also, establish how much cash you want to carry while on holiday, since not every place you visit will take credit cards.

Book Other Reservations

Instead of wandering about aimlessly when you get to each port of call, plan your activities ahead of time. If you want to visit museums, try the best restaurant in the area, or attend a concert, make your reservations and buy your tickets about a month before leaving on the cruise. This will ensure that you get to do and see the things you want during your holiday.

List Medications

If you take prescriptions for your health, make sure to order enough to take on your holiday. If you’re going to another country, take a list of your medications in case you need to show it to authorities. Review the country’s list of illegal medications and ask your doctor for the appropriate alternatives before leaving for your cruise.

Buy Travel Insurance

If it’s an international cruise you’re going on, you will want to buy travel insurance in case you become ill or are injured during your holiday. Your medical expenses are not covered by NHS unless you’re in the UK, but with travel insurance, you can be covered wherever you go.

Groom Before Going

Lastly, be sure to get your hair styled, trim your facial hair, and consider getting a mani-pedi so you look great when travel photos are taken.

These preparations can help your cruise holiday be stress-free.

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