Eco Friendly Locations In Australia


Australia is one of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world. Going for holiday or retreat here will leave you with an outstanding experience like never before since most of its sites from parks, lodges ,restaurants, beaches, hotels, hostels and many more are environmental friendly and stunning. Here is where you will fell the real beauty and what nature can offer. Below are some of the best eco-friendly places that you can go and believe you me, it will be a memorable lifetime experience ever.

1. Hidden Valley Cabins, North Queensland

This is a modern eco lodge locates in the northwest of Townsville, on the western slope of the coastal range close to Running River. The lodge is solely power driven by solar energy thus saving about 78 tonnes of carbon IV oxide emission annually. Therefore it is a certified advanced ecotourism operation.

2. Grampians YHA Eco Hostel, Halls Gap, Victoria

The hostel too is powered by solar energy. This Grampians National Park best stylish hostel has hot solar water that is heated by solar electricity and the water used is rain harvested. Its surrounding is made up of rock and thus it offers a rock climbing site or hikes the surrounding trails of Australia.

3. Karijini Eco Retreat, Western Australia

It is located in the western side of Australia. The campsite within Karijini National Park with Luxe safari-style tents is operated in coordination with the Department of Environment and Conservation. Portion of the money earned is ploughed back in the management and conservation of the Karijini National Park.

4. Billy Kwong, Surrey Hills, New South Wales

This best restaurant is the pioneers of climate-neutral restaurants across the state. Its inspiration recreates ancient Chinese eating house at the same time providing organic dishes like rocket and Asian herb salad. Those who are from Asia and specifically Chinese or those who love Chinese eating culture will call it there.

5. Bookabee, Adelaide

For those people who likes adventuring, then this is the ideal place to go and be part and parcel of it. This 83 square kilometres spans across the mountainous arid desert of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. Do not miss to go there for a walkabout and see Bookabee, an award-winning indigenous team. The above are some of the eco-friendly places that you can go to in Australia.

Other best places includes: Blue Mountains, Booderee National Park, Central West, Central Coast and Hawkesbury, Holiday Coast, Hunter Valley and Coast, Kosciuszko National Park, Snowy Mountains, South Coast, South West Rocks, City Centre, North-East and many more. Whatever place you wish to go and have a nice time, you will always get a sensational eco-friendly serene destination within this beautiful country. Australia is one of the most spectacular places to travel for holiday and leisure activities on this earth. For those who want to travel to Australia, one needs to have Australia Visa whether you are going to reside there as a permanent migrant, as a tourist or going there for any given duration for instance one year Luckily, Australia has an advanced modern up-to-date visa system in the world where one can apply online. So do your online application now and get your Australian Visa which has other offers and get a chance to go and visit its fascinating eco-friendly places.

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