Best Dubai Desert Safari Deals and Packages

Dubai Desert Safari

Dubai has been an international hub for tourists worldwide for many years and it has everything to offer, from state of the art restaurants to nightclubs, to high-rise skyscrapers, to the natural beauty of the Arabian desert landscapes, to the beautiful sea-shores and man-made marvels. However, if your trip is a short one, it can be quite difficult to enjoy all of these attractions in a few days. This is where AHA Tourism can provide you with convenient and affordable packages so you can enjoy the charm of Dubai in all aspects. The trio package is perfect in this regard, as it offers you a desert safari experience as well as a Dhow Cruise creek, as well as a city tour of Dubai.

The desert safari is held at three timings, namely: morning tour, evening tour, and an overnight desert safari tour. We recommend the evening desert safari tour as it saves time and money, plus you’ll be able to witness a beautiful sunset over the red dunes, plus the weather is quite pleasant during that time frame (14:00-20:00 local time). During the desert safari, you would get to experience an adrenalin rush as you dune-bash in a 4×4 drifting on top of the mammoth red dunes. You can also ride quad bikes over the dunes as well as enjoy camel rides in the desert. Several other activities for tourists include hookah bars, refreshments, and henna painting for women, among other things. The highlight of the evening desert safari is live performances like belly dancing, Tanura dancing, and fire shows that will leave you awe-struck. The safari tour ends with a delicious Arabian style BBQ and buffet available for both vegetarian and non-vegetarian tourists.

The second part of the package is the Dubai City tour that will take around half a day as you experience the modern as well as the cultural side of Dubai. You will first get to learn Dubai’s rich history at the Dubai Museum which is inside the Al Fahidi Fort after which you will visit the Dubai Creek which is a stretch of water that runs in the middle of the city, which is an ideal place to take stunning pictures and also feel a connection to Dubai’s ancient culture of fishing and pearl-diving etc in the creek. This will be followed by a visit to the beautiful Jumeirah Mosque where you will be awe-struck by the intricate architecture and design even if you’re a non-Muslim tourist. The Dubai City tour ends with a visit to the grand Burj Al Arab hotel, which is a staple of Dubai and furthermore, you can enjoy a relaxing environment on the Burj Al Arab beachfront.

The last part of the tour is the Dhow Cruise, on a traditional Arabian style boat, with all the modern amenities to ensure that you have the most comfortable experience. The Dhow cruise will last around 2 hours and you can choose to lounge around in the fully air-conditioned lower decks or enjoy a fresh breeze on the top deck while enjoying a hookah with your friends/family. The cruise will take you to popular sight-seeing spots like the Gold Souk (an ancient gold trading market), the Rolex Twin towers, the glamorous house of Sheikh Saeed and the Dubai National bank, among other places. The Dhow cruise is an amazing opportunity to relax and get into the vibe of Dubai. You can also enjoy live performances like Tanura dance, puppet shows and amazing music in the background.

You can experience all of these amazing attractions in as little as 220 AED, which is a bargain, considering the sheer variety of experiences you’d get to enjoy. The trio package is an amazing deal if you want to get the most out of your Dubai visit while also going easy on your pocket and is highly recommended whenever you plan to visit Dubai.

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