Best Camping Places in India in Winter

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Your love for every season may be equal but your desire to get rid of the extremes of any of the seasons is in no way less. Whether it is extremely hot in summers or extreme cold in winters, you start looking for ways to beat the heat or cold waves as and when the time comes. While camping places in India for summers is widely discussed on different sources, the best camping places in India in winter is a rarely discussed topic. Of course, winters are for remaining covered under the blankets, jackets, sweater, and mufflers. But do we stop living, working, or any other daily activity during the season. If not, then how can we forget holidaying.

For a change, this article will discuss some of the best places for camping in India during winters. Starting from camping places in Munnar in South to Rishikesh in the North, the list covers all best camping places in India in winter.


This city in Rajasthan is known for its high temperature. Hence, the best time to visit the place is from November to March. It is located in the heart of the Thar Desert and hence drives many tourists towards itself. While camping in Jaisalmer, you will not only get a chance to enjoy the special camel rides but also the folk culture of the state.


This is yet another destination in Rajasthan that can be counted as one of the best camping places in India in winter. It is a sought-after location in the state because of its spiritual importance. It is the city that hosts the one and only temple of Lord Brahma.


Manali is cool throughout the year and winters are even chiller. However, it is even more interesting to be in a cooler place in the cold climate. Exotica camping in Kullu-Manali is one of the best camping experiences for tourists. The tents are well-facilitated and shaded to keep campers protected. You can go for trekking and hiking in Kullu and enjoy some fun time and some sweat in winters.


While talking about the best camping places in India in winter, the mention of Sarchu can’t be missed. It is located between Leh and Manali i.e. at the boundary of Himachal Pradesh and Ladakh. The best time to visit the place in winters because it offers so many physical activities for you to keep off cold from you. It is considered as a base camp for trekking trails along the Zanskar valley, the Vomit Hilton being the best attraction.


Whether it is summer or winter, Rishikesh is the name that always adorns the list of best camping paces in India. Right? Though Uttarakhand remains considerably cooler in winters, the trekking, hiking, climbing, rafting, etc. are the activities that help tourists adjust to the cold climate. This is what people are pulled to the city every now and then whether it’s because of the spiritual importance of the place or the adventure features that it offers for interested tourists and travelers. The tents you get here are special as they are fashioned in hermit-style. This way the city brings forth the cultural heritage of the nation to all those who visit India from overseas.

Pangong & Tso Moriri

If you desire to enjoy some visual treat, Pangong & Tso Moriri are the best fit for camping in India during winters. Though the Tso Moriri lake gets frozen during the winters, it still looks appealing. The frozen ambiance is yet another memorable experience for visitors. In addition, the Pangong lake, which is the highest lake of saltwater in the world, brings another surprise for you. Besides giving you an overview of the vast range of Changchenmo, the lake fascinates you by giving you a chance to notice the color change from blue to black to hues of green while staying by the side of the lake itself.

Now when you know that there also exist the best camping places in India in winter, you can easily plan a vacation anywhere from camping in kashmir in the north to camping in munnar in the south to get refreshed for some time and return to your routine work after a fun break. Hurry, get your tickets booked for the winter vacation and enjoy the moments to the fullest.

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