How To Deal With Bed Bugs During A Trip

In many countries, bed bugs represent serious problems for travellers. They should be aware of it and the last thing we want is to bring these tiny critters into our home. Before booking for the hotel, we should check any online report and review about bed bugs. Hotel comparison websites should include reviews and reports from previous guests. We should also call the hotel to ask whether regular inspections are performed to check whether there are bed bugs present. It is also a good idea to spray our luggage with spray based on permethrin and it is especially useful against bed bugs.

The substance should provide protection against bed bugs for a couple weeks, so our luggage will need extra spray after that period. We should be aware that house insect sprays have little effect on these critters, because they are quite tough against typical toxins. We should also bring only clothing that can be washed with hot water and hot-dried. This will kill any bed bugs that recently infest our clothing. In risky countries, we should ask to inspect the room, before we agree to hand over our credit card. We may open the bed and sheet to see whether there are small crawling creatures.

When checking the hotel room for bed bugs, it could feel a bit like a crime scene. We should bring a flashlight and disposable gloves. Much of the infestations are found in box springs and mattresses. Insects could be found in inaccessible spaces. Other than the crawling bugs, another indication is their fecal stains. We should remove pillows and linens from the beds to check the presence of black fecal stains. Even if the bed is clean enough, we should still check the rest of the room. As an example, there could be critters hiding under and inside drawers. We should also check along carpet edges and around air vents.

Even if the room is proven to be clean, we should still keep our luggage away from the bed and carpet. It is preferable that our luggage is kept in plastic bags. This will prevent any insect from inhabiting the interior of our luggage. Dirty and damp clothes are perfect habitat for bed bugs, so they should also be kept in a plastic bag and washed immediately. Before we return home, it is preferable to wash clothes that we wear in the local laundry service. We could ask for a place to change clothes and immediately wash the clothes that we wear from the hotel. When we arrive home, it is a bad idea to carry our suitcases directly into our house.

As we unpack suitcases, we should directly unpack the content in the porch and check for any crawling critter. Cotton clothing should become the number one suspect. Again, we should use the flashlight to closely inspect our items. Any bug that we detect should be handled with vacuum cleaner.

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5 Must-Visit Places On The Gold Coast

Australia’s Gold Coast is one of the premiere tourist hotspots in the country. People flock here from all over the world in order to experience the best the land Down Under has to offer. In fact, there are enough places to go to and things to do here that it’s easy to feel a bit overwhelmed by all the options at your disposal. To that end, we’ve narrowed down the list to select the top five places that should be visited by anyone who steps foot on the Gold Coast:

1. TreeTop Challenge

People who enjoy the thrill of a challenge will find plenty to like at this unique attraction. In addition to climbing trees and ropes throughout this adventure park’s many courses, brave travelers can also opt for a ride on the Canyon Flyer, Australia’s top zipline tour. Featuring speeds of up to 70 kilometers per hour, this incredible tour takes around 3 hours to complete and is open to both adults and children.

2. Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

A heritage-listed zoological garden that truly shines a spotlight on Australia’s incredible ecosystem, the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most popular spots on the Gold Coast. Exhibits include the likes of Tasmanian Devils, koala bears, freshwater crocodiles and cockatoos. The park is also famous for feeding huge flocks of wild rainbow lorikeets, a local tradition that visitors too can partake in.

3. Springbook National Park

Another destination that all nature lovers should find particularly appealing, Springbrook National Park impresses due to its remarkable size and the wide variety of activities that can be done inside its borders. From hiking on the Purling Brook Falls Circuit to swimming in the Warringa Pool, there’s a little bit of something for everyone here. Don’t miss the Best of All Lookout, an aptly named vantage point that overlooks the entire area from high up above.

4. Sea World

If your taste veers more towards aquatic entertainment, you’d be hard pressed to find a better option on the Gold Coast than the Sea World theme park. In addition to being a full-fledged oceanarium with lots of interesting exhibits, the park also offers various rides like Storm Coaster and Jet Rescue, along with interesting thematic shows about underwater life. An absolute must for families with children.

5. Surfers Paradise

No visit to the Gold Coast could ever be complete without a trip to Surfers Paradise. This small suburb is the area’s entertainment and tourism hub, featuring everything a traveler could possibly want. Known for its luxurious skyline and famous Meter Maids, this is the perfect place to go to for a day at the beach or a night on the town. For great views of the surrounding area, be sure to visit the Observation Deck of the Q1 building, the tallest structure in the entire Southern Hemisphere.

And so we’ve reached the end of our countdown of the five most visit-worthy places on Australia’s Gold Coast. The land Down Under usually tends to be a big hit with travelers due to its friendly climate and numerous attractions, and nowhere is this more apparent than here in Queensland’s finest. Whether traveling solo or accompanied by loved ones, you’re sure to find something here to your liking.


5 Things People With Food Intolerance Should Do While Travelling

Many people want to enjoy a multi-week trip to distant countries. However, they may not be able to fully enjoy the experience when they have health problems. The landscape can be breathtaking and the weather may be perfect, but choosing the right food would be tricky for people with food intolerances. When eating overseas, it is important to understand about local dietary custom and we need to consider whether we can make some adjustments.

Learn local phrases

We should learn local phrases, especially if we want to communicate with the chef or waiter. As an example, we should ask which meals contain no peanut or gluten. These phrases should be considered as essential as “how are you?” and “thank you” in local language. For our own safety, it is preferable to learn local languages, instead of assuming that locals will speak English.

In many countries, people will appreciate it more if we try to speak local language. Some people in France are notorious for refusing to speak English to people who don’t want to try to utter some local phrases. For more complex and longer conversations, we should use translation apps in our smartphone. In this case, we should try to use short sentences at a time to ensure that our message is delivered accurately.

Learn more about local cuisine

If we have specific intolerance, it would be very helpful if we known what to expect. As an example, some countries prefer dishes with plenty of dairy products, such as Italy and France. Others may also prefer to use a lot of fatty meat, such as Germany. All over Europe, we could find food that’s loaded with gluten. Rice is more prevalent in many Asian countries.

Check for special restaurants

There could be special restaurants in the area that cater for our medical need. In developed countries, we are more likely to find restaurants that are designed for people with specific dietary requirements. As an example, we could find allergen-conscious ice creameries and gluten-free bakery in the country.

There should also be stores that allow us to purchase different types of peanut-free, gluten-free and other special food products. In Italy, gelato is generally dairy-free, but we should ask the seller to confirm it. By researching for these stores before we travel to a different country could be quite helpful.

Watch body reactions

We should expect anything and be open minded about our body reactions. We should know how our body could react to specific external factors. As an example, if we suffer from dizziness, nausea and migraine after eating something, there could be some amount of dairy in something that we have just eaten.

As an example, salmon in butter sauce could cause unwanted reactions on some people, such as swollen lips and bloated belly. Croissant could cause anxiety on some people and it can be quite difficult to predict how our body reacts to something. In general, symptoms could be quite different, depending on our situation.


5 Ways To Travel Alone Comfortably

It can be exhilarating to travel to a distant country, but it can be challenging enough if we do this alone. However, people who travel alone find that they could really find some quality time. It is the best way to unwind and relax. However, if we are not fully prepared, it can be rather dangerous to travel to a distant country.

Things may deviate from our plan and a few incidents could cut our vacation short. There are travel tips that we should consider, especially if we want to avoid possible nightmare that can affect travellers. Here are things we should when we plan to travel alone:

Understand the local law and culture

We should understand the local law and culture before we visit the country. As an example, some countries prohibit us from smoking public. We should also understand about the local dress code. As an example, some countries prohibit women from wearing something vulgar.

Join a tour group

By joining a tour group we will be able to travel with others. It can be intimidating to travel to a distant country alone. Also, we will be able to meet new people and make new friends. We will be keen sharing the same bench or bus seat with a stranger and talk about many things.

Wear comfortable and decent clothing

In general, it is not a good idea to travel to a different country with skimpy clothing. Although, there are no strict dress codes in some countries, vulgar clothing could cause harassment and other inconvenience. Other than comfortable, a lone traveller should wear something that looks quite similar to the one that locals are wearing. It is important for travellers to blend with the crowd, instead of intentionally standing out.

Don’t accept anything from a stranger

Many of us want to be helpful and we will gladly agree if someone asks us to carry his bag. Even if the person looks decent and nice, we should do this. First of all, we don’t what’s inside it and it is possible that the person simply bets that we will be able to pass through the security checkpoint with the drugs-filled bag.

Some people may also offer a can of soda that has been injected with a strong substance that causes immediate drowsiness. So, even if the can doesn’t appear to be opened yet, it is possible that the drink has been mixed with something. This is a good opportunity for thieves to walk away with our bags and luggage.

Always check any personal belonging

There are many things that we could bring during our trip. We should make a list of important items that we bring, such as passport, driving license, ID card, ATM card, credit card, cell phone and others. Losing any of these could cause a huge problem in our trip. There are many ways we could lose our personal belongings. As an example, we may leave the bag open, while we are in the coffee shop. We shouldn’t do this while we are in the foreign country.


The Fear of Flying: A Silent Challenge Facing Air Travel

Fear always comes in when you have a feeling that something or somebody is dangerous and is likely to cause pain or any other form of suffering. Everyone has a fear – be it towards something like darkness, heights, swimming, driving, flying or even of the unknown. When you fear something, there is a high possibility that you will avoid it and even when it is unavoidable, you are likely to act abnormally.

This is what happens when you experience the fear of flying. The fear of plane travel is an anxiety disorder caused by the imagination that everything will go wrong on a plane.

As a result, many people avoid flying completely while other suffer from things like sweating, nausea, rising heartbeat and rapid breathing mid-flight.

Common causes of fear of flying

The fear of flying can happen before or after takeoff. It can happen before as a result of the security screening process or simply because of being in a crowded space with less personal freedom.

The real fear usually comes when the plane is airborne whereby a mixture of fears starts settling in. For instance, there are those who are afraid of heights especially when flying at night or over water. Others have concerns about airline accidents, hijacking or even bombings given the increasing number of global terrorism acts.

Most travelers are also afraid of turbulent weather and they will freak out even with the usual sounds, sights, or sensations that characterize a normal flight. There are those that fear the unknown which is fueled by the fact that they remain idle for long hours during the entire flight.

How safe is flying?

According to FAA estimates, flying is 200 times safer than riding on automobiles. This is despite the fact that people feel safer when travelling by road than by air. Why is this so? The fact that people are in charge of their driving makes them feel safer as they experience a sense of control over their vehicles. When it comes to flying, travelers simply do not trust the plane, the technology, the pilots, and the entire crew to keep them safe. As a result, they feel that something is about to go wrong at any time during the flight.

The main causes of airline accidents include:

  • Pilot error (50%)
  • Mechanical failure (20%)
  • Bad weather (10%)
  • Sabotage (10%)
  • Other forms of human error (10%)

It is true that even the best people on the job can make the worst mistakes; and human error can happen even with the best trained crew. It is also true that aviation technology has tremendously improved through the years. Planes are better built and designed now more than ever but there are still cases of engine failure, autopilot system breakdown or even faulty aircraft fuel pumps that cause plane crashes all over the world. Aircraft accidents caused by bad weather and sabotage are not common although they occasionally occur, as well as those caused by human error other than the pilots.

It is clear that the fear of flying is caused by mistrust of the plane and the crew including the pilot. Even with statistics showing that flying is the safest way to travel from one place to another, there is still the fear of the unknown with travelers thinking that their plane could be that one in a million to crash.

Just in case you didn’t know, commercial aircraft undergo vigorous testing and maintenance before they can be sold or taken off the ground. For this and other reasons, air travel can be considered as one of the safest modes of mass transportation on planet earth.


Thanksgiving Vacation Plans In East Delayed Due To Fierce Winter Storm

A tough winter storm has collectively hit the Deep South this day with raging weather causing a bad weather condition to cancel travel plans. Heavy rain is expected today and tomorrow in the inland igniting hazard for the airports and road traffic, making it difficult for the travelling crowd.

People are planning to travel for Thanksgiving weekend to New England from Deep South on Tuesday and Wednesday, but the blasting weather caused by the Arctic breeze has already killed 10 people in the West and disrupted hundreds of Dallas flights that are settling down now at the East Coast.

People flying for the Thanksgiving will be disappointed because of the rainy, cloudy and windy weather condition that can delay the normal schedules of the flights in the Mid-Atlantic, most probably at three New York City and Philadelphia airports.

The storm from the Texas has moved by Monday itself, but the freezing rain is still chilling the travelers. The American Airlines in Dallas have cancelled almost 1,000 flights.

Alex Sosnowski the AccuWeather meteorologist reported that, Heavy rains are expected to cloud the weather until Wednesday across Carolinas up to the 95 corridor Interstate, through the Boston, New York City, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. exclusively.

The East of course has been abnormally without rains or snows in the recent forecast, still Sosnowski said, the rain is estimated to flow enough to terminate traveling flights schedules on the Highways.

National Weather Service announced that, huge fleets of snowfall and hail are expected, in cities like Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Buffalo, over the upstate New York and the Appalachians.
Sosnowski added that the blasting windy weather could also be considered an additional factor for flights delays on coastal regions. And because of this the motorists might find it difficult to visibly see because of the wind driven rain. There is expected massive flooding in the urban areas.

According to the reports from the Storm Prediction Center, severe climatic conditions such as high winds, hail and also at times deep tornadoes, could create calamity in coastal parts of the Carolina and northern areas of Florida making it highly difficult for the travelers to reach their destination for the Thanksgiving excitement.

Late Monday the Weather Department has already posted warning precautions and weather watches in around thirteen states extending from North Georgia up to Northern parts of Vermont extensively.

The fog and the shocking weather changes have disrupted the fantastic vacation plans of thousands of people travelling and it also has caused big losses for the airlines that have cancelled its flights departure blaming on the climatic disaster.

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Eco Friendly Locations In Australia

Australia is one of the most spectacular travel destinations in the world. Going for holiday or retreat here will leave you with an outstanding experience like never before since most of its sites from parks, lodges ,restaurants, beaches, hotels, hostels and many more are environmental friendly and stunning. Here is where you will fell the real beauty and what nature can offer. Below are some of the best eco-friendly places that you can go and believe you me, it will be a memorable lifetime experience ever.

1. Hidden Valley Cabins, North Queensland

This is a modern eco lodge locates in the northwest of Townsville, on the western slope of the coastal range close to Running River. The lodge is solely power driven by solar energy thus saving about 78 tonnes of carbon IV oxide emission annually. Therefore it is a certified advanced ecotourism operation.

2. Grampians YHA Eco Hostel, Halls Gap, Victoria

The hostel too is powered by solar energy. This Grampians National Park best stylish hostel has hot solar water that is heated by solar electricity and the water used is rain harvested. Its surrounding is made up of rock and thus it offers a rock climbing site or hikes the surrounding trails of Australia.

3. Karijini Eco Retreat, Western Australia

It is located in the western side of Australia. The campsite within Karijini National Park with Luxe safari-style tents is operated in coordination with the Department of Environment and Conservation. Portion of the money earned is ploughed back in the management and conservation of the Karijini National Park.

4. Billy Kwong, Surrey Hills, New South Wales

This best restaurant is the pioneers of climate-neutral restaurants across the state. Its inspiration recreates ancient Chinese eating house at the same time providing organic dishes like rocket and Asian herb salad. Those who are from Asia and specifically Chinese or those who love Chinese eating culture will call it there.

5. Bookabee, Adelaide

For those people who likes adventuring, then this is the ideal place to go and be part and parcel of it. This 83 square kilometres spans across the mountainous arid desert of South Australia’s Flinders Ranges. Do not miss to go there for a walkabout and see Bookabee, an award-winning indigenous team. The above are some of the eco-friendly places that you can go to in Australia.

Other best places includes: Blue Mountains, Booderee National Park, Central West, Central Coast and Hawkesbury, Holiday Coast, Hunter Valley and Coast, Kosciuszko National Park, Snowy Mountains, South Coast, South West Rocks, City Centre, North-East and many more. Whatever place you wish to go and have a nice time, you will always get a sensational eco-friendly serene destination within this beautiful country. Australia is one of the most spectacular places to travel for holiday and leisure activities on this earth. For those who want to travel to Australia, one needs to have Australia Visa whether you are going to reside there as a permanent migrant, as a tourist or going there for any given duration for instance one year Luckily, Australia has an advanced modern up-to-date visa system in the world where one can apply online. So do your online application now and get your Australian Visa which has other offers and get a chance to go and visit its fascinating eco-friendly places.

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Explore Wildlife Of Sri Lanka In It’s Most Beautiful National Parks

Any one will agree that Sri Lanka heads the pack in Asia when it comes to wildlife. The heavy rainfall it enjoys and the favourable climate as an island, creates a nice environment for the wildlife. It’s easier to find several families of wildlife in the established parks; Talk of the tropical insects, the leopards, elephants and different species of wildlife you can think of.

Yala West National Park

For lovers of mammals, Yala West (Ruhuna) National park harbours quite a variety; from the Stickney bear, Sri Lanka leopard, to sambar. It comes second in terms of size in Sri Lanka and the most visited. It has two blocks open to the public. Being one of first parks in Sri Lanka, this park was made a wildlife sanctuary in 1900 and is well recognized the variety of wildlife. It hosts around 30 leopards as well as birds. Your eyes can never sleep hungry while at Yala west national park.

Sinharaja Rainforest Reserve

This rain forest has rare species of wildlife that will give you a lifetime experience. There are over 147 species of birds found in this park that makes lovers of birds sample out this forest.

Uda Walawe National Park

Find Asian elephants in this park. There are around 500 such elephants in the park.

Wasgomuwa National Rark

Except for leopard and bears which are a bit difficult to find, almost all the big games can be found in this park. This park is located in the North central province, only 40km away from Knuckles Massif.

Horton Plains National Park

This park bares a unique wildlife species which have adopted to the cooler climate around the park. The dwarf lizard is among the unique wildlife found here. Another unique bird species found is the Sri Lankan whistling thrush and Sri Lankan bush warbler.

Willpatu National Park

This is the number one park in size in Sri Lanka. Even though the animals here are a bit uncomfortable with human presence, it’s a park to note. Before being closed for almost fifteen years, leopards were rampant but the statistics were a bit damaged with its closure. We can only hope the statistics will rise again with the re-opening. Lovers of deer can also pop in for a peep of the barking deer.

In a scan, the experience you expect covers; The Sri Lanka’s big mammals like the elephants, leopards, dolphins and whales. Sri Lanka’s birds and so much more

It will be unfair to mention wildlife experience without mentioning traveling. Sri Lanka Visas therefore comes into play. With Isolated cases of disturbances in Aluthgama and Baruwala, which are both close to tourist resorts in the cost, tourists are advised to be careful while there.

From the above, it is obviously evident that a Holiday to Explore Wildlife of Sri Lanka can be an unforgettable experience. If you are a wildlife lover, try sampling the wildlife of Sri Lanka.

Breath Sri Lankan air and you will be part of it. You only need a Sri Lankan Visas accepted with Electronic Travel Authorization and make your rafting dreams come true.


Top 4 Quaint and Quick Getaways from Cochin That You Need To Tour

A prime European settlement built in India, Cochin has secured an amazing space for itself amongst the most interesting urban ranges in India. Also known as the Gateway to Kerala, this city has seen settlements extending from the Portuguese to the Chinese. So before you begin plunging into those piles of trademark centrality in Kerala, go out for a stroll around this yet another enthralling south Indian city which similarly happens to be an entryway to some enchanting destinations around.

Regardless of the fact that there are some extraordinary places to visit in Cochin itself, with experiences and an enchanting city life to charm any visitor, the destinations around its city limits are no less. These are perfect for a weekend getaway from Cochin, or even as a solo destination for an extravagant vacationing experience in south India.


Guruvayoor is a the most vital destinations around Cochin, and one of the best odd spots worth exploring in India. From Cochin, Guruvayoor is somewhere in the range of 208 km, and is known to be the abode Lord Vishnu on earth. It also houses the Shree Krishna sanctuary which is among the 108 most adulated sanctuaries devoted to Lord Vishnu in India. Particular attractions here wire Chamundeswari sanctuary, Mammiyoor sanctuary, Parthasarathy sanctuary, and significantly a greater amount of such. The city surges with wayfarers consistently, who come here for either a religious or an unwinding time far from the disorder of their city life.


An enchanting hill station located in Idukki, Munnar was a favored summer resort of the British rulers in their superb days and is situated at an excellent point where three mountain streams, to be specific, the Nallathanni, Kundala, and Muthirapuzha meet. This brilliant retreat in Kerala is known for its quietness and heavenly gloriousness, Christ Church, Echo Point, Tata tea gallery, Hill View Park, Top station, Mattupetty Dam, and so on, to give some examples of the most flabbergasting traveler spots.


This Land of Sublime Backwaters is only 53 km from Cochin. Beautified with spellbinding splendor, Alleppey will bowl you over completely. This spot is an impeccable world for nature beaus because of alluring backwaters, flawless sceneries, calm shorelines and a dreamlike situation all around. Close to this, there are several religious attractions which mirror the rich past of this fabulous spot. It is simply an immaculate spot for recently marrieds or couples specifically.


Kovalam is eminent for its coconut trees, superb shorelines and rich Ayurvedic spas. Loosening up on the sultry shoreline while tasting on some resuscitating coconut water can really amp up the whole holidaying feel in Kovalam. So release up yourself with the acclaimed Ayurvedic rubs which are a distinguishing strength of Kerala. Take home a touch of Kovalam with you in the dazzling rosewood and sandalwood icons and other enamoring painstakingly high quality work.

So if you have recently booked or looking for the best Cochin packages for your next holiday, then make sure you try at least one of these exhilarating destinations around the realms of Cochin and make your holiday one memorable trip.


Traveling Abroad 5 Tech Tools To Keep In Touch With Loved Ones

These days, more and more people are deciding to travel abroad. Many choose to stay a few days, weeks, even months, abroad to get all that they can from their trips. Because of the distance, it can be hard to keep in touch with your loved ones. There are a wide range of collaboration tools (many of them free) that allow you to keep in touch while still having the freedom to enjoy your trip. Thanks to technology, your loved ones can stay up to date with your travels, and you can know what’s happening at home. Below are some of the best tools that can be used to communicate while you are away from home. With everything from your team collaboration tools to online poker rooms Whatsapp Funny Status accessible from anywhere, now more than ever is the time to be a digital nomad.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a great way to create and share your travel itinerary as it is document program that allows you to co-edit different types of documents. If you make changes to your plans during the trip, or your family has some ideas of what you could try, everyone has access and the ability to update the document with Google Docs.

International Calling

Apps like WhatsApp and Viber allow you to make phone calls over the internet, for no cost. These apps both offer group features as well, so it is easier to connect with everyone in the family, at once. Both apps are offered as apps across multiple different platforms.

Social Media

Apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat, will allow you to share what is happening during your trip through photos, statuses, and video clips. Your loved ones can comment and interact with you as you post about your trip. You can check on your family if they, also, use social media frequently.

Face to Face Calling

Applications like Skype and Facetime allow you to have face-to-face chats with those you care about. These apps can be used over WiFi, or data, and are free. Many travelers use video conferencing to check in with those they care about. If you are missing home, these may be the tools for you. Both are available across many platforms and in the app stores.

Calling Cards

If you are looking for a simple, and inexpensive, way to call home, then a calling card may be the best option for you. Calling cards allow you to get a pay as you go type of deal and can be used with any type of phone. Once you are at your destination, you can purchase a calling card from any local convenience store or hotel.