Top 5 Best Beaches In Goa You Must Visit

Goa is synonymous to all things good. People planning to visit the place can expect a lot of fun, adventure and of course beaches. You just cannot miss out on the beaches of Goa! You don’t just get to do fun water sports but also bask in the sun peacefully. Clearly, when you are moving to Goa you can miss the shopping part from the local markets for once but not the beaches. However, the fact that while you are on a weekend getaway to Goa, you cannot cover all the beaches.

So, in this blog, we have curated a list of top beaches in Goa that you must visit after booking one of the nearest best resorts in Goa around that beach.

Let us begin.

  • Querim Beach-
    The sunset view would be ultimate from this beach in Goa. In fact, if you book one of the best resorts in Goa near this beach, you would be able to experience the view from the comfort of the balcony of your room. Not just this, during the night you also get to enjoy the waves sounds and scenic view like never before. The river inlet here also serves as a nice picnic spot.
  • Arambol Beach-
    Get ready to spend pensive hours on this beach while the sea and sun elevate the beauty of this place in the noon. Here you will also find delectable seafood. You can visit this beach even in winters. This place is great for a sunny day outing. Here you can also play volleyball at the beachside.
  • Calangute Beach-
    Nothing can be more relaxing than seeing the waves ushering towards you while you are soaking under the sun. Undeniably, Calangute Beach is perfect for the same. This is kind of more commercialized than other beaches because of the popularity but worth it all. When you will reach there you will know why we are saying what we are saying. We suggest you to book a hotel nearby so that you can also roam the market for some shopping at a good bargain.
  • Candolim Beach-
    What makes this beach exceptionally special is the way the water keeps changing its colors at different hours of the day like a chameleon. If you are a travel blogger or you just want some good clicks of yourself and the group, you should visit this place.

  • Baga Beach-
    This is one of the most famous beaches in Goa and has also been idealized by the people since forever. Baga beach has been shown and talked about in many movies. This beach is also considered as one of the great destinations for parties. So, you can visit the place at night for a party full of EDMs. You can also do scuba diving here in the daytime.

The aforementioned beaches are the top five beaches in Goa that all the beach babies should definitely visit. Just make sure to book the best resorts in Goa near these beaches so that you can make the most out of your time here. Let us know in the comments your take on this.


4 South Goa Beaches That You Must Visit On Your Next Holiday

It’s no surprise that Goa (arguably) remains India’s favourite holiday destination. From its fantastic beaches to sizzling nightlife, Goa has more reasons than one to allure travellers and call them to its embrace, and then, like a temptress not let them go. Or on an off chance, tempt them to keep coming back to it, every opportunity they get. But there is one aspect of Goa that is still relatively unexplored but definitely deserves all your attention: South Goa

So the next time you’re on aMumbai to Goa busor cab or flight, visit South Goa and surprise yourself with the calmer side of the state. Read on to know about the 5 must-visit beaches in South Goa.

  1. Butterfly Beach

Goa’s hidden gem, this beach is in the north of Palolem and is one of the most untouched beaches in Goa. A heavily forested route takes you to the Butterfly Beach as it has no direct access through the road. One can easily spot dolphins and butterflies on this beach. The beach is named after the variety of butterflies that the nearby trees attract. Some also believe the reason for the name of this beach is because of its shape, which looks like a disfigured butterfly.

  1. Palolem Beach

Probably the most popular of all South Goa beaches, Palolem is known for its silent disco and amazing shacks. Travellers can also enjoy watersports, swimming and yoga on this beach. The shacks offer scrumptious food and seafood is a must-try here. Lined with palm groves, this beach can be spotted from a distance and is also rich in wildlife with Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary to its south and the Canacona Island right opposite, known for its resident monkeys.

  1. Agonda Beach

Clear blue waters and coconut trees, Agonda Beach will give you the solitude that you’re looking to find while visiting South Goa. This is a popular turtle nesting beach is the ideal place to enjoy the romantic side of Goa. One can spot many couples walking along the shoreline, hand-in-hand, enjoying the beauty of the setting sun. Once the sun’s out, the parties’ begin. The shack lights up in unimaginable colours and grooving to the music, the tourists enjoy a beachside party.

  1. Benaulim Beach

Travellers can indulge in a variety of activities at the Benaulim Beach in Goa. From parasailing to banana boat rides and Beach Bonanza fairs, the beach is a colourful place where you can spot different activities happening in the same premises- the perfect example of an Ethopian world with peaceful co-existence of elements you may not believe can belong together. Houses in the Benaulim area is also another attraction, which are reminiscent of the Portuguese influence in Goa.

The best way to get to Goa is through a flight to Goa directly. However, if you are a fan of the road, take a flight to Mumbai and then take a road trip to Goa. Mumbai to Goa bus routeis a particularly enjoyable one and is preferred by many tourists.

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How to Select Captiva Island Rentals to Maximize Fun

Captiva Islands have the perfect setting for people who want to have moments of relaxation and lots of fun too. This remote stretch of land amidst sea has beach that is considered the best in Florida. Known for amazing nightlife and sea sports, the Captiva Islands is the idea worth considering when you are on a family vacation. First things first, staying is no issue at this place as Captiva island rentals come as easy rescue for the seekers of homes away from home. Still, to ease the process of selecting the most ideal rental, here are a few helpful pointers.

  1. Proximity from sea

Coming to island and still being forced to stay away from the shoreline is certainly not a good idea. So, select the rentals that give you good view of the sea and also allow you reaching there in no time. If the rentals open directly to the beach, nothing like that!

2. Well-trained staff

Rentals that score high on the hospitality are good choice if you are travelling with family. Many companies and family run condos facilities have made arrangements friendly for kids and pets, thus, no one is left ignored and you can have gala time at these islands.

3. Flexibility to choose activities

As a newcomer to this place, you might need help on what all you can do at Captive Island. So, those rentals that have included gears for kayaking, sea sports, beach games etc. in their facilities plan can let you enjoy this place better. However, you must have flexibility to choose the activities as per your liking and mood.

4. Food

The life at rentals will not be easy without good food as most of the activities in this island require lot of energy. So, search for the rentals who have got good ratings for the food quality and have lots of offers to make eating a happy experience for the visitors.

Take the points mentioned above in consideration while selecting the rentals at Captiva Island. These help in ensuring you a wholesome experience while your stay here.

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FAQs Related To Jim Corbett National Park Answered

Not just the people visiting the Jim Corbett park for the first time but the ones who are not going there for the first time, have some or the other questions related to their visit. The questions can be related to bookings, location, timings, many other things. This also includes questions pertaining to the Jim Corbett National park resorts.

So, we thought of answering the most widely asked questions related to the the Jim Corbett National park here in this blog. Take a look.

  • Where exactly is the tiger reserve situated?

The tiger reserve is located in the Nainital district of Uttarakhand at the sub Himalayan belt foothills in India. The headquarter is is at Ramnagar.

  • What is the best way to reach Corbett National park?

Corbett National park is well connected by road from all the major cities like Delhi, Lucknow, Bareilly, Nainital, Dehradun, Moradabad etc. According to your budget, you can choose to travel by bus, book a taxi or ride your own car. If you are planning a family trip to the park then travelling by train would be the best.

  • Please tell the the zones in Corbett National park that one must visit and are open for tourists.

Basically, there are five zones. These zones are known as as Jhirna, Dhikala, Sitabani, Durga Devi, and Bijrani. Sheila is also a newly opened tourism zone.

  • Is Jim Corbett park closed any time during the year?

Yes, the park remains closed from July to October as it is the monsoon season. The roads in the park get very muddy due to heavy rain during this season. However, the good part is that Jhirna, Dhela and Sitabani zones are open still throughout the year.

  • What is the best time to go to Jim Corbett Park?

The best time to visit according to us begins from November and ends up to middle of May. But if you cannot visit the park at that time, you can visit it anytime from 15th November to 30th June.

  • Should I stay in Jim Corbett National park resorts or should I stay somewhere around?

To make the most out of your vacation here, you should obviously opt to stay in Jim Corbett National park resorts. Not only will it save your time, it will also allow you to stay in the lap of nature all the time. Forest lodges at Dhikala, Sultan, Gairal, and Jhirna are available. You can book here in advance.

  • How can I book Safari ticket?

You can book ticket for Safari in 45 days in advance. The passport details are necessary for or reserving the spot what of foreign tourist and they can book their Safari in 90 days in advance. You can go to the official website of Corbett park for a hassle free booking.

We hope we were able to answer the questions buzzing in your head related to Jim Corbett park visit. If there’s some other important question that we have missed upon, do tell us in the comments section below.

And yes, have a satiating vacay and stay at Jim Corbett national park resorts!


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What to Check Before Hiring a Self-Drive Rental Vehicle

Hiring a rental vehicle has numerous benefits, but you must be sure you deal with a reputable company before you hit the road. There are a couple of things you must remember before you put pen to paper on a contract, if you rush the process and fail to read the fine print, you could run into some major issues you weren’t prepared for. A reputable, affordable car rental company in Melksham will be able to provide you with clear details of their services, payments and contracts.

They’ll cover every aspect of the rental agreement, including all of the information listed below:

  • Payments
  • Documents required
  • Refuelling
  • Insurance
  • Rental charges
  • UK speed limits for specific vehicles

Online Reviews

Before finalising a deal, why not search for reliable car rental companies in your area and see what information comes up. Not all rental businesses are trustworthy, some offer a far higher standard of service than others. That is why you should look for reviews and ratings to help you make a more informed decision when choosing a rental company.

Look at Damages

To eliminate any arguments when you return the vehicle, do a thorough inspection of the car and take note of any damages. You don’t want to take responsibility for other customers reckless driving, so take pictures and point out damage to the vehicle prior to leaving the parking lot.

The points mentioned above are only a few suggestions to help consumers hire self-drive vehicles from reputable organisations.


Points that will make sure you don’t get over budget on the budgeted travelling

Among the advantages of residing in today and age is that nearly any person can take a trip to practically throughout the world in a matter of hrs. No longer is it an opportunity booked for the abundant as well as famous as airline companies proceed to lower their costs. However, travelling can typically be very demanding as individuals are making a jump out of our convenience zones and right into the unidentified.

# Do strategy an everyday budget.

This is a basic truth, yet it is remarkable the number of people doesn’t do it. For me, the simplest means to plan a daily spending plan is to very first ask just how much you are preparing to spend total. From this subtract the transport expenses as well as lodging (more on this later). After that split what is left by the number of days you are intending on disappearing. You can make your plans including some options like Bargain Holidays where you can afford tickets and other things too

# Do keep track of your daily costs.

So you have an everyday spending plan. Well, a budget is definitely worthless if you don’t apply it. Simply take a notebook as well as a pen with you wherever you go and also list every expense that you incur, regardless of just how small. The fact that while you are travelling, you will typically utilize a charge card or cash, indicates that your spending can swiftly escape on you. By recording your spending by hand, you can easily prevent this. It will soon end up being a routine so do not go anywhere without your notebook.

# Do book all your lodging well beforehand.

This set ties right into the spending plan once more, however, there are a lot more sensible reasons to this. Once you get to your location, as a budget plan vacationer the last thing you want is to run around searching for uninhabited lodging that fits your spending plan needs. By scheduling beforehand online, not only can you assure a place to remain upon your arrival, but you can also study, find and also publication lodging that matches your requirements as well as needs.

# Do book all your major trips in advance.

By significant trips which indicate any intercity trips by airplane, train, bus or watercraft. By scheduling in advance, you can include the expenditures to your transport prices. Therefore big solitary costs would promptly exceed your everyday budget. Well, The fact stays that purchasing tickets at a ticket stand might be less costly as compare to any other options. However, take note of words “might” as they are often not. When taking a trip on a budget, you cannot manage such a wager. For that reason obtain these prices managed asap, so you understand what you are entering too.

# Study your location.

There are numerous sites on the internet, where you can obtain info about your destination. Points that you might intend to research include, what are affordable attractions, top tourist attractions, good economical dining establishments, vacationer traps, as well as neighborhood scams. Take special note of the last one as several major cities have running rip-offs that, by understanding about in advance, you can quickly stay clear of.


Taking a trip in quick? Take These Great Tips With You!

It is so nice to be able to stay within the conveniences of your very own residence. You really simply do not feel like going anywhere when you think of all the stress that is involved with taking a trip. Nonetheless, it does not need to be that way. Understanding a few suggestions will certainly assist in making traveling a great deal and much more comfortable on you. As you can see, traveling actually does not have to be full of stress. So take a deep breath as well as pack your bags. It is time to take a relaxing trip.

# Prevent spilling liquid inside the bag

As opposed to putting fluids in a plastic bag to prevent them from dripping, try loosening the cover as well as placing a piece of plastic from a grocery store bag over the top as well as screwing the cover on over it. While a zip-lock bag will certainly protect against spills from ruining things, this approach will certainly avoid points from spilling in the first place.

# Get a garbage bag for the trip

When taking a trip on a road trip, see to it you bring a bag with you for garbage. Even people that do not typically consume in the vehicle will go throughout the long trip, particularly if you do not want to stop to eat as well as include more time for your trip. A trash bag can assist you to keep the mess and also clutter to a minimum.

# Choose the roads in advance

If you intend on going on a trip, you should look at maps in advance and select the very best road. See to it you have adequate cash for gas and also food. You can pick in advance where you are most likely to quit to ensure that you do not waste time seeking a filling station.

# Go with small rooms

If you’re going on a cruise ship either by yourself or with just one various another individual, consider obtaining the tiniest area available. It’s normally a lot cheaper and also you can put that cash to great usage. You’re not going to want to spend a lot of time in your room other than when you’re sleeping or cleaning, so why should you spend a fortune on it?

# Late night air trips

Arrange a late night trip if you are traveling with an infant. Airlines dim lights and increase the cabin temperature on night flights so that individuals can rest easier. Individuals are additionally much quieter and also often tend to enjoy movies or listen to songs instead of speaking. These conditions will help your infant really feel kicked back. You can book tickets on Tours & Tickets too.

# Take online websites help

After determining where you wish to take a trip, compare the rates offered by numerous booking website online for your hotel spaces as well as flights directly with the companies themselves. Although lots of scheduling engines do supply decreased or gotten rid of deal charges, you will certainly often obtain a better offer if you speak directly with the hotels or airline companies. You will certainly additionally receive far better customer service.

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Why Choosing New York to Boston Tours is a Great Idea

When choosing a tour from New York to Boston, a bus ride can be a very good idea. There are a number of reasons for that. New York to Boston tours are fun, invigorating and holds a lot of promise and that is why they are being chosen more frequently. Here are the reasons why doing the same can be a great idea.

  1. There’s someone to take care of everything

Yes, solo travel can be excellent but sometimes people just need someone else to get everything done. So hotels and accommodation, meals and everything else gets taken care of and this is something that people love about conducted bus tours that have taken the country by storm. With such tours, one does not have to think about where to get breakfast from or which sites are worth seeing on a particular day. Everything has been decided by someone else and one just need to show up and enjoy to the fullest.

  1. Making friends

Another great reason to choose bus tours is that one is able to make new friends. From the start, it is easy to find similar-minded people and it can be fun to strike up a conversation. As the tour goes on, one may find other people who are interesting and it can be the start of strong friendships. Bus tours give the opportunity to the people to make friends because everyone is traveling together in close proximity for days on end.

  1. The best of everything

Traveling to a new city or town can be mind-boggling. Today, people check out the internet to find out everything they can about a place before visiting. But this may actually not serve the idea because it can end up being confusing. When one chooses a bus tour, one can be assured of the very best of everything to be seen on the itinerary because it has been developed after years of experience and research. If one is really interested to see the best sights and sounds a city has to offer, this is a fantastic way of doing so.

  1. More safety

Another wonderful reason why such tours are an excellent way of getting around is the added safety. Of course, one hopes that one will be safe in any means of transport and travel but with conducted bus tours, there is an added net of safety and security. One will obviously have to use common sense in making sure one is safe but with such tours it becomes easier to do so.

  1. Great way to travel with friends

When people decide to travel with friends, there is so much organizing to do. But with bus tours, many friends can go on a holiday together and have fun without having to bother about the nitty-gritties too much.

New York to Boston tours are a fun and exciting way to travel to a new destination and enjoy without too much planning.


Steps to Acquire the Work Permit In Canada

In maple leaf country, the employment opportunities are progressing just like anything. Gone are the days when people used to search for the different opportunities to progress. One can easily have these opportunities by getting help from the visa or immigration companies. Where the opportunities are ending in Asian countries, the numbers of opportunities are increasing in western countries. According to recent research, it has been proved that almost a million of opportunities will be unfilled by 2021. This is the only reason why, the newcomers are being welcomed to the western countries so that new and good talent get the opportunities to progress.

Do you think; working in the said country is that easy! But it’s not; you can’t easily get the offer letter from the employer. If you want to show your talent and earn money in Canada, you have to get the work permit from the government of Canada. In this article, I have shortlisted some of the important steps to easily get the work permit in Canada.

Online or offline job application

If you want to apply for a visa, you can either fill out the application through online or offline mode. If you want to get the expert to advise, you should always choose the online mode of application. In this way, you have given a complete questionnaire of 10-15 minutes and if you succeed in the online application, you can move further. But in the offline application, you have to submit the application on paper but you must have the job offer letter by the employer.

Application fee

Once you are done with the application process, you have to deposit the application fees for processing the application. Without application fee, you can’t get in the further process.

Submission of the application

Once you are done with step 1 and step 2, then only you can submit your application. If you have missed either step 1 or step 2, you can not submit your application. No matter whether you have employment authorization document or not, it is important to submit the application.


There’s Nothing Like Sailing to Relieve the Stress of Modern Living

More and more UK people are taking to the water in sailing boats, as this offers you an unprecedented experience, and, like most things, sailing is an acquired skill. You might have been invited to a sailing day with one of your friends, and once you have experienced the joy of sailing, you want to take this to the next level.

Basic Sailing Courses

Fortunately, there is an expert sailing school in Gosport where you can learn the basics of yacht control, and for beginners, there is a range of courses, with or without the supply of a suitable vessel. There would be a degree of theoretical classroom learning, where you get to understand how the wind works, and how to navigate your vessel in changing winds.

Royal Yacht Association Courses

There are many levels with RYA sailing courses, all run by qualified skippers who use top-notch vessels, and with superior one-on-one training, you get to sail under expert supervision in the beautiful waters of The Solent.

Learn How to Master Yachting

Sailing is an addictive pastime, and once you’ve got the bug, you need to first learn the basics, prior to anything else. The sailing school would have the following courses on offer:

  • Basic Sailing Principles
  • Intermediate course
  • Advanced Yacht Master levels

It doesn’t matter at what stage you are, there will be special courses that start with what you have already learned, while taking you to the next level.

You can learn more about sailing courses by searching online for a local sailing school, and before very long, you will be the skipper of your very own vessel.