A Travel Insurance Guide For Your Next Destination

Travel Insurance

Travelling to new destinations is one of the most innate human desires. It is this desire which prompts numerous Indians to take a trip every year, many of which are international. Currently, the Indian tourism industry generates almost Rs. 17 Lakh Crore in revenue. which is as much as 9.2% of India’s GDP, making it the single largest such sector in terms of revenue.

One of the mistakes that a majority of tourists on India make is that they do not avail a travel insurance plan before commencing their journeys. It leaves them with no financial protection if something goes haywire during the trip. Outstation journeys always carry a certain degree of risk and a prudent traveller should be prepared to face any emergency situation.

Here is a brief travel insurance guide for your next destination.

Types of travel insurance in India

The very nature of travelling makes it difficult to cover everything under one insurance policy. As such, there are several types of travel insurance schemes available which cater to different types of trips and requirements.

  • Holiday cover: Such domestic travel insurance policies offer up to Rs. 3 Lakh coverage for medical emergencies, accidents, loss of baggage, trip cancellations within India.
  • Trek Cover: A trek cover from Bajaj Finserv provides coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakh in case of a range of mishaps while on a trek. Other than medical expenses, it also covers car breakdown assistance, loss of wallet and hotel assistance as well.
  • Personal Trip Liabilities Cover: Any liability arising out of injury or loss of a third-person is covered by this Pocket Insurance scheme. You can get coverage of up to Rs. 1 Lakh under this policy.
  • Road Trip Cover: Road trip cover scheme includes coverage for both domestic and international trips; includes medical expenses, loss of effects, accidents etc.
  • Pilgrimage Cover: Pilgrimages in India and abroad are often full of risks. Protect yourself from any unforeseen expenses with an affordable Pilgrimage Cover from Bajaj Finserv at just Rs. 599. It offers coverage of up to Rs. 3 Lakh other than hotel & travel assistance of up to Rs. 50,000.
  • Home protection insurance: if anything untoward were to happen to your home while you are away on a trip, a home protection insurance offered by Bajaj Finserv under their Pocket Insurance category can financially cover the losses. It includes losses incurred due to burglary, natural disasters, vandalism, etc.
  • Personal Trip Liability Cover: If there is an accidental injury borne by a third-party or damage to their property due to you, a Personal Trip Liability Cover Pocket Insurance scheme can protect you from the resultant financial liabilities. For just a premium of Rs. 149, you may avail insurance benefits of up to Rs. 1 lakh under this plan.

Choose the best travel insurance in India based on the type of trip you are taking and your requirements.

Why should one opt for travel insurance?

There are numerous benefits of availing travel insurance which are highly useful for any tourist.

  • You are protected from any emergency financial crisis which may arise during a trip. There is nothing worse than being stranded at an unknown place with no way to arrange for funds.
  • These plans are quite affordable, starting at just Rs. 149 till up to just Rs. 699.
  • Loss of baggage and documents may severely curtail your trip. You may avail immediate hotel, travel and document loss assistance and continue enjoying your trip. Insurers generally provide helpline number which you can contact in case of emergencies.
  • Even senior citizens and pregnant women can avail the benefits of these insurance policies.

Buy a travel insurance policy without fail before you set upon your next destination. It’s affordable and can potentially save your trip from being a complete disaster due to unforeseen emergencies. For more Davie Real Estate

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