5 Things To Know About Renting An RV

Renting An RV

There are many benefits when it comes to RV rentals for travelers, which explains why this is the favorite method for road trippers worldwide. Renting an RV allows you to have a home even when you’re out on the road and allowing you to set up camp wherever you wish. Plus, renting an RV has definite benefits over purchasing one, including savings and convenience and many other factors. RVs can be rented in nearly all districts across the globe, and it won’t take you long to realize why this has become such a tradition in the modern traveling scene.

Renting Over Buying

From first time travelers to road warrior veterans, lots of RV enthusiasts prefer renting to buying. There are a good amount of lifetime road trippers who rent RVs for each trip that they take. There are a good number of benefits which inspire this method, not to mention some potential setbacks which must be considered as well before you make your final decision.


The main benefit when it comes to rentals is the overhead savings for the traveler. For example, if you are a first time traveler or aren’t sure you will be making many more trips in the near future, then you aren’t going to want to shell out a down payment for the purchase of a camper. The same goes for budget travelers who would rather save their cash and look for rental deals each time they decide to head out on a trip.

Less Commitment

Another pro is the lack of commitment that comes with renting. If you happen to not like the RV you’ve rented for a particular trip, you can rest assured that you are not stuck with it for the long run. You also won’t have to feel guilty if you end up taking time off from the road. When you combine these pros with the fact that you won’t have to maintain regular maintenance on an RV, you will see why renting is such a popular prospect for many road trippers.

Less Research Required

The main con involved with the purchasing of an RV is the research you need to do in order to make sure you pick up the right model and the up-front costs. When purchasing a rig you are definitely going to have to shell out a down payment, which may not be a tantalizing prospect to those on a budget. Also keep in mind that purchasing an RV makes doing your research all the more important. You don’t want to be stuck with an unsatisfactory vehicle, so you will need to spend lots of time looking at models, test driving, and looking at reviews. When going with RV rentals, on the other hand, you can be far more experimental and loose with your decision since you won’t be tied to your rig after the rental period ends.

Things To Consider

Less Spontaneity

As for the RV rental cons, not owning an RV does make spontaneity a little harder since you won’t have a vehicle ready at a moment’s notice. This will also mean that you have to fully unpack after each journey, then start from scratch with each new rental. You will also have to get used to a new RV with each journey if you don’t have the consistency of owning a vehicle.

Is Renting Cost Effective?

Even though many argue that purchasing an RV isn’t a good move for the budget, this isn’t necessarily true as long as you plan on getting a lot of use out of your camper. If you’re the type who takes a lot of road trips, then purchasing your own RV can be incredibly cost effective. You are guaranteeing yourself many years of great road trip experiences, which is worth the price of your investment to begin with. Plus, the more you use the RV then the more cost effective it gets since you will end up actually saving money on all of those rental fees.

The Loading Issue

Another thing to consider is that when you won an RV you can keep it loaded with gear even when you are off the road. This will save you the space and the time spent on packing for each trip. Plus, as long as you do your research and find a vehicle that is perfect for you in terms of space and handling, you will be comfortable and used to the RV from the very start. Not having to switch models with each trip leads to much greater ease of travel.

When deciding on methods of travel, most road trippers choose RV rentals due to their ease of travel, their budget friendly profiles, and the lack of research required to choose the model for your trip. Join the long line of satisfied renters who have come before you.

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