3 Best Las Vegas Comedy Shows

Las Vegas Comedy Shows

These shows are a mix of excitement and joy allowing the audiences, whether they are kids or adults, to be a part of the show, making them laugh and sometimes taking a photo with the host.

1- Menopause The Musical

Menopause the Musical Las Vegas is one of the most adorable Las Vegas comedy shows which delivers a celebration of very funny women.

This show was produced by the writer/producer Jeanie Linders who found herself reaching this age and not shy or upset about it.

Unlike many who see this change as the end of the world, Jeanie tries to make it a lovely topic to be treated with comedy. This incredible show has been seen by over 11 million people since 2001 in and out Las Vegas.

This show runs in almost 15 different countries in the world as well as 15 states and too many cities.

This team consists of females only who are shown in the lingerie section of a department store. For 90 minutes, females of different ages meet together and make fun of hot flashes, mood swings, wrinkles, and chocolate binges.

A big part of this Vegas comedy show is shown through song parody like the Rod Stewart song, “Puff, My God, I’m Draggin” or “Change, Change, Change.”

2- Carrot Top

Who doesn’t know Carrot Top? No one. Yes, this world famous and hard-working comedian is one of the best comedy shows in Vegas.

In addition to his successful run at The Luxor, I don’t know how he still finds time to make talk show appearances on the road.

you can’t miss seeing the most inventive and funny shows in Las Vegas. He delivers a superb show with many different tricks. He doesn’t just say a joke, but he does them too.

At the luxury, you can watch this one of the most energetic nights of entertainment in Vegas by Carrot Top and get a load of his prop gags (like a grandfather clock necklace, a paper cup, a string phone, a pay phone, etc.). Most often, this stuff is created by him.

The show includes pounding beat of loud music, smoke machines, strobe lights and many more are found in the show to add to the rock and roll atmosphere.

3- Andrew Dice Clay

New and classic comedy shows in Las Vegas can be seen by the comedian Andrew Dice Clay. This man, who is banned till now from MTV, is the first one to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. However, he hasn’t lost any of his edges even after 50 years.

Along all his years on the stage, Andrew proved that he can still make his audiences laugh and gasp with his national comedy tours, TV shows and movie as well.

His work includes many amazing achievements like Woody Allen’s Blue Jasmine, the new Showtime series, etc. as well as his autobiography, The Filthy Truth, which tells the story and secrets of his work, friendships and many other aspects of his life.

The Diceman displays in his Las Vegas comedy shows many furious barrages of jokes mixing classic ones with new ones as well as some interesting jokes about his frustration with technology and getting older.

He also picks on a few audience members to sit close to him, so they become a part of the show.

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